Speeding along we’re into November already.

I celebrated my 4th anniversary working for Border Services Agency (Customs) in Saint John. It has been an interesting 4 years with quite a learning curve. I’m the clerk so there is much that goes on around me that I don’t need to know about. I am glad they hired me and it worked great for my family as well as for me, personally. I work with a good group of people who taught me the ropes and a brand new world. It’s a shame that by the time I learn enough to valuable to any employer…I will be ready to retire! Ha ha ha, here’s to another good 4 years guys.

Kristen came home for a short, weekend visit.
Hi Kristen!
Bye Kristen! See you at Christmas!

The following weekend Mathew got one of his Christmas presents, early as John, Mathew and I went to Boston for the Super Megafest that ran 17-18 November 2012. This was a comics and tv show convention. Aside from the jam-packed tables of vendors and collectors there were several television stars in attendance plus the writers/illustrators of various comics. Every inch of space was utilized leaving very little area for the crowds to move through. All those bodies heated the place up and made it unbearable for those in costume.

Mathew was in heaven. We had a room in the same hotel as the convention so we could escape for a break and not have to worry about parking. There wasn’t much to eat though and next time (sigh…I’m sure there will be a next time and so I will bring a cooler with food). It was handy getting to the lineups and going back for a bathroom break, etc. The hotel was a bit outdated – like 70s outdated but the biggest frustration? The 2 out of 4 elevators that were out of service for upgrading. Really people? You had all that stereo/sound/lighting equipment coming through…vendors bringing in all their wares for the show and only 2 tiny, very slow elevators worked? We were on the 3rd floor so we usually took the stairs instead.

We arrived on Friday night so I could get in the line bright and early Saturday morning. We couldn’t get advance tickets through the computer or get them mailed to us which is why I was out there for a loooong time. We were so lucky that the weather was hot for mid November! I can’t imagine the misery if it had been raining or ~ gasp ~ snowing!

The batmobile pulled up during my wait. I was out there by myself for a while as Mathew and John were doing….uh…doing…uh… I’m not sure what they were up to in the hotel room!IMG_0342

The batmobile is an icon from my childhood of course, as I grew up watching Batman and Robin save the day every week. How I loved that corny show!

Darth Vador also put in an appearance while I waited for the “not advance” ticket holders line to open. He came fully decked out with all the bells, whistles, snorts and heaving breathing. Note too the regal walk as befits a creature of his stature!IMG_0344I paid $5 for Mathew to sit in the Batmobile. I took a few pictures for proof he was in there. He wanted me to get in but I thought I would get stuck in those little seats. The only thing more perfect would have been to turn the engine on and zooooom right out of there!IMG_0351A replica Ghostbusters vehicle showed up, complete with the ghost detector on the roof, spinning away. These are heavy duty fans who bring their get ups and vehicles to shows all over the Eastern Seaboard.IMG_0364Next we found another fun character from the movie Kick-Ass. Sadly, Hit-Girl was no where to be seen. Now she’s one super cool chick!IMG_0360Mr. T was John’s favourite character. This guy was so over-the-top and enjoyed himself so thoroughly that you couldn’t help but have a good time around him.

IMG_0359He is giving me the evil eye because I asked what he was doing with that big, pink baby bottle. Stupid me ~ it’s for his Mr. T cereal of course!!

Posing with the Blues Brothers’ made Mathew’s day. A replica car is beside them but it is in as bad shape as the one in the movie. If I showed a picture of it you would just wonder why I stuck in a dirty, blackened vehicle that looks ready to fall apart.IMG_0356This is one of Mathew’s favourite characters from the show. I think he is a cross between Deadpool and….Batman? Help me out here, Mathew!IMG_0355Moving right along Mathew and I waded through the convention. Overcome at seeing a REAL.LIVE.TV.STAR I took out my camera and started taking pictures until that guy with the grey hair and dark glasses gave me a very dirty look. That’s when I realized people were in a line-up to take his picture and get his autograph.IMG_0345

Oh. Oops – silly me, not knowing you  have to pay to their picture…

As an aside, I want to show you this incredible drawing by a talented artist by the name of Cory Smith. This is a pencil drawing of the Silver Surfer (from the Fantastic Four movie).Silver SurferThe artist did this drawing with only a pencil, folks! Look at the shine on his “skin”! If you look closely I had Mr. Smith lightly shade the eyes blue while I waited. This 8 x 10 cost me $10. Even though I don’t like the movie or this figure in the movie the artist’s rendition took my breath away. Oh to have this kind of talent!! I think this link might be him. The pictures really don’t do his work justice. http://www.corysmithart.com/index.htm

Well yes, I did get myself a little ol’ autograph. Seems Kevin Sorbo was there and one time I went by there wasn’t any lineup. How could a girl who religiously watched Hercules resist?Hercules Autograph

Besides – read that love letter and weep girls! Seems like he is ready to dump the wife and kids and take off with yours truly. It is only my dedication to my family that made me resist and send him packing….*sigh*…oh it was hard, ladies…pure torture but I had to do it. Kevin, forgive me?

Mathew was thrilled to see Deep Roy at the convention. This small sized man was in one of Mathew’s favourite movies, The NeverEnding Story, which is where the photograph for his autograph is from. Apparently he was the fellow on the racing snail in the movie ~ who knew?!Never Ending Story AutographWe sat in on his speaking engagement the last day of the convention. Deep was also an Oompa Loompa in the most recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other movies as well.

Next up was Bruce Boxleitner, of Tron fame. For us slightly older women (*ahem*) we might remember him from The Scarecrow and Mrs. King or more recently from the show Babylon 5.Tron AutographI didn’t recognize him at first. His hair is grey, almost white. He is much taller than I expected – in fact all the television stars there were…well, with the exception of the 2 oompa-loompa fellows!  Sorry fans but Bruce Boxleitner did not impress me at all. The convention needs to schedule these people breaks for meals, etc, so they don’t get too human in front of their fans. Mathew and I had to wait for him to address us while Bruce shopped for a shirt for his son’s birthday (by turning to stall next to him), then calling out for food, drink and “that hand sanitizer because I’ve been shaking hands all day and god only knows what germs I’ve picked up!”. Riiiiiiight.

This was said with us standing at the table. He looked at us and told us he’d gotten sick twice last year from shaking hands at conventions. I leaned across the table, smiled sweetly and told him, “Then you won’t mind if we don’t shake YOUR hand because I for one, certainly don’t want you to pass any of those germs to me!”. It was a sheepish moment for him and fluffed it off and said no problem, not to worry. No folks, I did not shake his hand. I got Mathew his autograph and left.

What Mathew really, REALLY wanted was either an autograph or a photo with Stan Lee. Each one was $50 so Mathew opted for a photo in the end. Thank you son because I couldn’t have stood another lineup to see this guy! For someone who just turned 90 years old he sure has as huge following!Stan Lee PictureThe line up for the photo session went on forever (more like around 4 corners of the downstairs part of the hotel/convention rooms). I can attest that the person in the photo was a live, breathing person and not a mannequin. That poor fellow weaved a little on the stool; couldn’t someone have given him a nicer chair with a back on it? He is 90 after all! You can see from the picture that Mathew was in his happy place.

Next are a few of the outstanding costumes we saw. This particular one is from Dr. Who. There is a person under that and it is the creepiest thing when she moves because you can’t see her. She isn’t wearing the mask and hair during this photo but let me say this, she’d scare the bejesus out of anyone with that full get-up on! It was a superb costume
IMG_0374 Can you see her face in the lace of the dress?

Get a load of the Incredible Hulk! He had an altered voice that made him sound like the real thing. One of the tricks to be noticed is to loom over the crowd. The Hulk, for instance, is walking on some kind of home made stilts to have him “hulk” over us (yuk, yuk, get it? Hulk over us?  funny….maybe?)

This Aliens outfit attracted a lot of attention and she wasn’t tall at all! She had to carefully turn her head or she’d whack a few unsuspecting bystanders. You can’t see from this angle how long that head is. When I asked to take her picture I had to bend down…waaaaaaaaaaaay down to talk to her under the mask.IMG_0370This next costume? In a category unto itself! He barely made it into the building and took up the entire corridor to move through the hall. He has a guide with him to assist with the gawkers and obstacles that might trip him up.IMG_0367For you two people who don’t know who this is…it’s a transformer, of course!  In this next picture, Transformer dude is talking to Deadpool. I swear I heard him tell the little fellow in red that the costume has cost $25,000 so far…!!! The eyes lit up, he made all the right noises when he moved; his voice was dead on.IMG_0369
Mathew’s convention outing was made perfect by the appearance of this guy. His favourite character. Anyone recognize him? Anyone? IMG_0366 Deadpool maybe? Why yes, yes it is! Hello Deadpool, thanks for making my son’s day!

Earlier I mentioned we hit up one meet & greet; the one where the two Oompa Loompas talked to us. The one on the left is Deep Roy and the fellow on the right is Rusty Goffe. Rusty Goffe was one of the Gringotts Goblins in the Harry Potter series. These two have a fun working relationship – Deep Roy refers to himself as “Deep Roy” and Rusty as “Cheap Roy”. When they can’t afford Deep they call on Rusty!IMG_0388If you ever have the chance to see or meet these fellows go for it! They are entertaining and have more than one good story from working on the sets of movies! Notice in the next photo, Deep Roy is standing. He is the same height as Rusty sitting down!

IMG_0386This creature from James Camerson’s movie “Avatar” attracted a LOT of attention. He loomed over the crowd and was more than willing to stop and chat. He admitted to narcissism actually.IMG_0382You can see how narrow the aisles are for the scores of people trying to look through the goods. We were squished in there. It looks almost roomy in these photos!IMG_0381Ooooo ~ another oldie, but a goodie for me! A Cylon from Battlestar Gallatica! That red light did slide back and forth making the exact same noise it did on the show all those years ago. Surprisingly, Mathew knew who it was too.IMG_0376A second shot of the Cylon. He’s waiting for the costume contest to start. We didn’t stick around to find out who won.IMG_0375

We headed for home after the meet & greet. We pushed straight for home and got home late Sunday night. It was a good weekend and I love these memories of Mathew being happy. I get involved in things I wouldn’t otherwise notice or care about. Although it won’t shape my destiny it sure is fun to look back and remember these times with Mathew. Until the next convention!

December was quieter although…hmmm…not really.

Kristen finished her semester on the Dean’s Honour List again and came home on December 14 for the Christmas season. We got into the christmas spirit a bit more this year and actually put up a very, very skinny tree in the corner of the living room. Although it bothers Mathew (the lights) it is not enough to send him into a mood. Kristen spent a few days babysitting a few kitties and we all went to Nana and Poppa’s for Christmas Eve for their get together. The spirit of the season carried on into the later evening when we got home and all opened our gifts. It was fun and felt Christmassy. Mathew didn’t stay up all night and neither did I!! BONUS!

We had a sumptious Christmas dinner at John’s brother Harry’s and his wife Christine’s place. John brought some squash, sausages and roasted potatoes. I brought my appetite. Heh! There was plenty of food and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the company. Thank you guys for your hard work in making that fabulous meal. I am happiest enjoying the company of family and friends during special occasions. I dolled myself up and turned out in sparkle and glitter to enjoy the evening.

Although our Christmas was white nature cruelly dumped 2 winter storms on us and a whole mountain of snow. We went from green lawns and bare roads to piles and piles of snowbanks and greasy, wet roads. Tonight the temperature starts falling and fully dropping us into winter mode.

*sigh* I really liked our mild, green December.

Happy New Year to you all and see you around!