John is in the age of reading glasses. He doesn’t like it ~ I haven’t met anyone who does. He looks so serious and intellectual with them on but tonight I had a good laugh. He sat down to eat dinner and put on his glasses to read. Only he couldn’t read. His glasses steamed up!!

Right after xmas we got dumped on with a lot of snow in 2 separate storms in the space of a few days. They came on fast enough that us hardy Canucks didn’t get the chance to take those outdoor xmas lights and decorations down. Normally they are off shortly after New Year’s but not yet! Our miniature Korean lilac tree was 2/3rds buried in snow and some poor squirrel thought those glittery balls and icicles and fake candies was food! He scampered across the snow and jumped into the little branches and shook the decorations. After some frustration he gave up and jumped off in search of better pickings elsewhere. Be glad little squirrel that our cat and dog weren’t outside – they might have had YOU for a meal!

Mathew started the special olympics basketball. There aren’t many people participating but those that were there had a great time. It is fun exercise and gives Mathew something to do on Saturday. The weekend looms large and empty for him and we are endlessly trying to come up with things to do besides window shopping or movies (both get stale after a while). Just one time slot filled seems to improve his whole disposition going into the weekend. We’re so fortunate that this small city has much to offer the disabled!!

John wrote his Electrician’s exam on Monday but no results are in yet. If he passes then he moves to the block 1 back-to-school for several weeks then on the job training. It would take another couple of years to get his red seal apprenticeship papers. He just finished his Instrumentation Technologist red seal certificate last year… *sigh*…

My excitement will be getting another tooth pulled. Shortly before Christmas I thought I had a sinus problem because one side of my face hurt. Eventually I narrowed it down to one area that lurked over a tooth so I prodded and discovered a very painful tooth. I got in to the dentist after New Year’s and she figured it was fixable and would be an easy filling. I had my doubts and figured it was going to at least be a root canal based on previous painful teeth and their outcomes. She took an xray and recanted the easy fix. Seems a back tooth cracked vertically and almost to the bone. It is going to require a specialist (again) to pull it and yipee ~ that means sedation! I sure liked it the last time (the sedation I mean). At the rate I’m going there won’t be many back teeth left by the time I’m 60.

The second garage door opener crapped out. It stopped working during the recent cold snap we had, which sucked because there is no outside handle to grab the door to pull it up and open. The other door opener went about a year after we moved here and John spent some time replacing it. This one was probably still the original one from when it was first installed and so it will be replaced. It won’t go in until it is warmer though because it is quite a job replacing it. It is on the side that our SUV is in and being a girl of convenience, what a pain to have to manually open and shut the garage door again! I love me a good remote and an automatic garage door opener. I’ll probably love it even more in the pouring rain.

I replaced the living room curtains. Finally. For 5 years I’ve stared at those ugly yellow panel top things that didn’t block or the sun or keep the cold out. I thought the living room would be painted long before now but that hasn’t happened yet. I reached my breaking point and found some lovely green and yellow striped curtains a few weeks back, from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Two panels were $100 and I had to shorten and sew up the bottoms a bit so they wouldn’t sit on the electric heater. Ever have those curtain bottoms singe or burn? Lovely smell, isn’t it? I’ll have to pick up 2 more curtains however to achieve the fullness it needs to sit properly over the window. Oh gee, another reason to back and shop some more! I always wonder why I waited so long once I replace something. It always looks so much better and improves my mood!

I have a new toy that I love ~ I got an iPhone for xmas. I might have mentioned it before. I had an iTouch but the phone just adds pizzazz! Mathew downloaded some cool ringtones to identify people calling or texting me. When he calls me, Godzilla screams and when Mathew texts me the Lone Ranger whistle sounds out. It is handy to go online to look for deals or look something up. Mathew uses my old phone now.

I needed new winter boots this year and decided on a pair of all season boots. Bogs. Those are Australian rubber-boot-looking boots that are supposedly good to -30 degrees or something. So far my feet are warm and dry. I hope they live up to their name because there is a lot of cold and slush here – not to mention the inclement weather and puddles in spring and summer.

I am being weaned off my heart/blood pressure medication. I switched to Tiazac in the summer when the doctor realized the Metoprolol was negatively impacting my asthma. I was on Tiazac before but it caused swelling in my lower extremities. This time I was put on a lower dosage – 120 mg once daily however the effect is the same. I have significant swelling in my ankles and feet. When my skin feels tight and hurts I know they are swollen. It would be awesome to get off this! Maybe going to the gym and being in a much better place (physically and mentally) will be enough to toss this medication away! My doctor has a “less is more” motto and I heartedly concur. I feel the ol’ ticker thumping a bit harder off and on but so far no racing episodes that got me on it to begin with. A follow-up appointment in a few weeks will show what my blood pressure is doing. My blood pressure sky rocketed while we were in Alberta, back during the dark times; when Mathew was having all that trouble in his life and it rolled into mine – and my work was wreaking havoc on my health. Everything went to hell then and I haven’t ever recovered. Maybe it is possible to make small improvements over time??

Time for bed, sleepyhead. It is difficult to find time to properly attend to this blog. Tongiht for instance, by the time I finished making supper, eating it and cleaning everything up it was almost 9 pm. Since I require at least 8 hours of beauty sleep to function these days, it doesn’t leave much free time for anything before bed.