Bosco and Jasmine celebrated their 9th birthdays this month…

Happy Birthday you two!

Happy Birthday you two!

They are showing their age in grey fur only, eh guys? Bosco is definately a senior citizen with some stiffness and sleepiness. He can’t walk as far as he used to – if he does try then he pays for it the next day. One of his hind legs drags a little bit and he has a kneecap that floats around back there. He is blind in his right eye but his hearing is excellent. He can hear me grab a dog biscuit from down the street around the corner and hiding in an underground cave! He is my little buddy and wherever I am in the house he is close behind. If I am behind a closed door then often he will sit outside just waiting for me to come back to him. His favourite place in the whole world is lying on the couch right beside me. Then he is in doggy heaven.

Jasmine still has a lot of energy although she is a couch potatoe in the house. She loves the snow and after another snowfall earlier in the week she bounced through the white stuff, rolling in it and shoving her long nose deep underneath rooting for…. what girl, what? Not that mouse that ran in our garage on that freezing night on Friday? If so I wish you caught it because now we don’t know where it is!

The two of them enjoyed their walk in the balmy January air today ~ we hit 8 degrees Celsius! The puddles are hard on Bosco with his little legs but Jasmine just hops through them.

Of course no post would be complete without putting some photos of the King himself, Spook in there too. He is turning into a sappy but clawed sentimental old thing. His version of it at least. He does like to hop up on our bed and play like all cats do so I took a couple of pictures earlier this week.

Lurking casually not noticing stick

Lurking casually not noticing stick

Popping up for a better look

Popping up for a better look

Finally he couldn’t resist…

Spook3Cats are independent smart creatures.

They know what they want. They know when they want it.

Spook4Sometimes they will swish alongside for a little attention…but have you noticed…

Curiousity always



gets the better of a cat? I don’t know how many times I have to lure him into his cat carrier and every single time he falls for it. It’s like he knows that he is going somewhere like the vet just like every LAST time but…but…. just in case this is something different, he better check out the inside of the cat carrier.

Whereas a dog will plant his derriere down and dig all his paws in to avoid the dog carrier.

Now tell me who is smarter? (Sorry Spook!)

This last week John found out he passed the Block 1 Electrician’s test with an 86%!!! He studied hard for about a week guys…this is one smart cookie. There’s no way I would have passed that test even if I studied my ass off and took a course in electrical work! Thank god Kristen takes after her Dad and not me ~ my artistry talents only go so far! Congratulations Babe, I knew you could do it.

This weekend he changed the garage door opener too ~ smart, handy and handsome! I am so lucky to be married to this guy! He took advantage of the mild weather today to finish installing the new one (that by coincidence was on sale this week, like $200 less!). I guess opening and shutting the garage door by hand with no handle was a royal pain for him too.

With the weather climbing and dipping like crazy it is very hard to determine if the ice is safe to walk out on. On the Kennebecasis River in January locals set up their ice fishing shacks (I did a post on that back in 2009/2010) and break out the fishing gear. On Thursday however a few fishermen had a rude awakening when their shacks suddenly started to sink down into the ice. Several people were hauled to safety and the shacks were also pulled out. I haven’t driven by since then to see if the fishermen are back at it. Several years ago a piece of ice with a couple of shacks on it actually broke off while men were inside. The men were rescued safely by boat but I don’t know what happened to their little buildings. These people are diehard fans of their hobby in the winter around here.

Mathew and I saw an oustanding movie today. “The Silver Linings Playbook”. It was funny and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were at the top of their game. One part was a showstopper for me however when Bradley Cooper’s character has a bipolar “mood swing”. It was like a punch to the gut when the scene played out like so many episodes did with Mathew before HE was medicated properly. You can see the tension and mood building and as much as you try to head it off there is nothing you can do. There is the explosion then picking up the pieces during the aftermath when the person is so upset and sorry for all the trouble and damage done. If you can’t get to the theatre to see it then flag it for a cozy night at home when it becomes available to rent.

The January blahs are upon us. The sky is grey, the ground is slushy and dirty and it gets cold. The roads and sidewalks are covered with ice or icy puddles; take your pick depending on the temperature. There is also the danger of a passing vehicle spraying you from one of the countless puddles on the street. It is difficult to take a refreshing walk when you are cautiously walking like a penguin to avoid slipping or falling on the ice. Yah winter. YUCK! I don’t like the $400 electricty bill either! That’s for heat and lights by the way.

One benefit to COLD weather? It kills bugs dead. There aren’t any cockroaches up here because they don’t survive the winter. There are no misquitoes the size of Manhattan either and pesky flies die off too. No snakes to slither through the snow and no other creepy critters fixing you in their beady eyes. It is one small thanksgiving in these wretched white and grey months. But the older I get the better the desert or Florida starts to look…

Is it? Could it be?

The beginnings of a SNOW BIRD lurking beneath this skin of mine? That insane Canadian urge to head south for the worst of our winter months?? OMG it is. That is it. I’m officialy an OLDER Canadian and when the hell did that happen?

Snow, snow go away and save me from snowbird syndrome! That longing urge to go somewhere sunny and warm…with clear, warm water to swim in…a drink or two for relaxation…