First the back windshield of our Mazda:

Car Window

Then this:

Car accident2

Oh the pain!

Remember my last post I wrote just below, on a Sunday?

Yeah. Shortly after I wrote and posted that nice insert a freak accident in our garage took out the back window of our white Mazda SUV. It went down to -11 degrees that night (celsius we’re talking). Add a frigid wind chill and it was bitterly cold.

John took the Mazda locally to have the windshield replaced. We commuted in our other vehicle the Toyota Matrix. Our beloved little red car a 2005 Matrix.

After work John picked Mathew up then me. I drove to the windshield place to drop John off. To pick up the other vehicle. See? Look behind our red car…

Car on barricade

Our Mazda is parked right there….right there! That is no more than 50 feet away…!! That is the windshield business place.

You have to drive around this piece of shit to get to that business

Red car accident3

Seriously? Who puts a fire hydrant in the MIDDLE of a parking lot? There is nothing around it only that fire hydrant!

How did I hit it? Easily. The sun was going down and it was shining through the windshield making it difficult, very difficult to see. I was using one hand to try to block some of the rays so I could see clearly because the sun had set lower than the visor but still on the windshield.

I didn’t see the hydrant at all. I couldn’t even see it when we hit it. There was a big bang then the engine died. Thankfully I was driving slow because I was about to park and was looking for somewhere TO park when I hit the barrier.

Thank the gods it wasn’t a person standing there. I’ll take damage to my car any day. I would never have forgiven myself.

John got out first (he was in the back seat). Mathew’s neck was hurting him so I quickly checked him over and told him to get out. I turned the car off (ha ha ha ha) and pulled the key out of ignition and tried to get out but my door wouldn’t open enough. John eventually helped pull it open so I could get out.

I took the photos with my iPhone when the Police arrived. Is it appropriate to take photos before anyone arrives? Are there guidelines for things like this in the age of social media?

It was bitterly cold outside and the business was closing soon. I called John’s family and his brother Harry and wife, Christine, gladly came to pick Mathew up for us. Harry almost doubled over laughing at our misfortune (he knew about yesterday’s mishap with the back window of the Mazda)…he has a strange sense of humour… I am indebted to them for getting Mathew so quickly; thank you guys!

John and I stuck around for the police, to deal with the insurance and tow truck. The car wasn’t driveable in its current state. The policeman recommended we not go back into the vehicle as they have seen cases where the airbag deploys AFTER an accident and can cause injury to unsuspecting people. Good thing I retrieved the remote control for the garage door before I knew that, eh?

My teeth snapped shut at the moment of collision and so the left side of my jaw hurts as do some of the teeth. Wonderful given I had the dental surgeon’s appointment yesterday morning and am getting a tooth on the other side of my jaw extracted in early March! My left side aches a bit so perhaps I was jarred. Mathew had a red strip across his neck where the safety belt kept him back (and safe).

The owner of the Automotive Glass business said he’d been after the town to move that hydrant forever as it is in such a strange place. That’s an understatement.

This is the car we had planned to give to Kristen after she finishes University.

Red car accident

Hope to see you again little red car.