This morning on the way to the rental car store I spotted our red car at the collision repair shop. It was towed there yesterday. So after driving off in our rental Ford Focus I went back to the Toyota to have another look at it.

It was a sad scene. It looked worse this morning than at the accident site.

Car at repair shop5

It looks like there is a big hole in the car! There are more pieces that fell on the ground here. (Guess where I found the other missing pieces?  In our trunk! Ha ha ha that is too funny! Are they planning on glueing the pieces back?)

Car at repair shop4

It does look decidedly more dented than the other night, doesn’t it?

I went through the car and removed everything of value that we didn’t take on Monday night. I went inside the shop and introduced myself so they could attach a desperate face to our car. I really want it back!

The insurance adjuster called me a little while ago. The electrical system is dead so the collision centre couldn’t get the kilometre reading from the car. It is about 110 000 km so I told him.

Guess how much he thinks it will cost to fix this mess? A ballpark but take a guess… me, I was thinking maybe $2,000. Let’s look at the initial “injury” ~ my daughter told me it looks like I stabbed the poor car in the eye and then through to the brain:

Red car accident

That represents about $6,000 damage! OMG! Our poor liitle car! It has never caused us any problems, never cost us any money and here I go and KILL it!

I pleaded with the man to fix it. I really, really like this car and want it running again. We will probably know tomorrow or Friday.

This morning was bitterly cold complete with a wind chill warning. Somewhere oh, around – 30 degrees Celsius with the wind chill. I was concerned the iPhone would freeze while I took the pictures today. It takes pretty good photos doesn’t it? All of these are from my iPhone I got for xmas (thank you honey, bet you didn’t think it would come in THIS handy so soon…)

I took a couple of pictures after I parked the rental car in my parking spot downtown. This is the 9 am view on a day cold enough to freeze hell over ~

Port in Jan

This photo shows the Port just beyond the parking lot. The structure to the left is for the cruise ships when they come in the summer. For some strange reason *smirk* they don’t stop by in our winter months.

Port in Jan2

The smoke in the distance is from the Pulp Mill. Not the one John works at though, this one is the tissue plant. It is located right on “Reversing Falls” as it used to be called. One of our famous landmarks and tourist traps sites. I think perhaps the area is known as Reversing Rapids which is much more appropriate.

Reversing Rapids is known because it is where the Saint John River joins the Ocean and depending on the tide either the river tries to flow out into the Port (and subsequently the ocean) or the Ocean tries to push its way up into the Rapids.

There are NO falls though so don’t come expecting them! During certain times of tide smaller boats can go through for a short time period.

In both pictures there is mist…steam?…something rising straight up off the water. It is an eerie sight on the other side of the Port when the tankers are enveloped in tall wisps of steam/mist/fog.

I had my dental appointment. Part of a filling fell out and the dentist was able to fix it right up for me. She put some goop over the tooth to help desensitize it and mentioned that teeth can be bruised during trauma as well. It can take a week or so for the extra sensitivity to go away.

We are now hunkering down for another night of even colder weather with a severe wind chill warning to dip toward -40 degrees Celsius. This reminds me of the wickedly cold weather we had in Alberta. Hey you Albertans! Take your cold weather back! You are used to it! We don’t like it!

Some things just don’t need to be shared!