Interesting question. Many years ago Oprah had a show on this. The stipulation being what is the ONE thing you would want to take out in the event of a fire ~ not counting humans or animals, of course! When I watched her show back then I figured it would be either my photo albums or my very expensive camera.

That question came back at me unexpectedly on Thursday when the fire alarm went off at work.

It was unexpected and unwelcome as the day was holding about -19 degrees Celsius with a wind chill of -30. I was sitting at my desk so I grabbed my coat and purse. Being my section’s “sweep” I put on my yellow construction hat and the flashlight. As fire sweep I go through my section to ensure everyone is out and I am the last to leave. Having cleared my area I went outside, reported to the building fire officer and joined my group at the corner. It was about then I realized I had left behind something on my desk which I normally never leave outside of my purse.

My iPhone! Just since Christmas it is my survival kit rolled into one cute, little package. My answer to Oprah’s question now is my iPhone. Sorry beloved Kindle ~ you are now the second item on my list. I can read on the iPhone you see? I can’t do all the other nifty things on you, Kindle, that I can on the phone…it isn’t the priceless data or photos on this gadget ~ all of that is backed up to other places daily.

It is that the iPhone makes my life so much easier and it is in a compact little package that can go anywhere.

Fortunately the fire alarm was for a malfunction in the ventilation system so we returned back to our warm building in short order. I grabbed my little iPhone and put it back in its safe place in my purse. *Whew* Now I know…

Moving on to the car; there should be answer early this week if it is salvagable. John is car-shopping just in case.

Other than that cabin fever is stirring now what with the streak of very cold weather. It is cold enough to knock the breath right out of you! I am one of those people who gets an asthma attack in really cold weather so I have to be extra cautious before galloping around out there right now. So off to a warm corner in the house and a good book.