Friday 19 July 2013. 


 Did not see it coming.

 Six months of appointments; doctors, physiotherapist, chiropractor, you name it.

 Six months of imagined pain according to medical professionals.

 Physiotherapy did not help.

 Chiropractic did not work.

 The x-ray in March was normal.

 The bone scan on May 16th was normal.

 The pain grew worse.

No matter what he did or what medication we gave him.

 Doctors washed their hands of him.

 A final test; an MRI ~ begrudgingly agreed to by an ER doctor who also thought this challenged young adult was imagining the pain.

 One MRI on July 19th.

 Immediately and suddenly followed by a CT scan.

 Followed by a second CT scan with dye injected intravenously.

 A large tumour in Mathew’s L3 vertabrae (spine).

 Speed being of utmost importance.

 Biopsy necessary to determine if the tumour is benign or not.

 Stunned we left.

 Oh how he suffered these last 6 months…

 Mathew’s relief at his real, not imagined, pain.

 Some physical relief by way of prescribed medication from the family doctor.

Now an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Monday 29 July 2013.

 Until then hoping, despairing and above all… gut-wrenching