Today didn’t go as planned hence the title.

Mathew still has his wisdom teeth.  The doctor decided not to remove the teeth only after Matt was in the dental chair. Apparently he didn’t think he would get Mathew’s full cooperation and so he would have to do the surgery in the hospital.

Mathew could not eat or drink for 5 hours before the surgery and so could not have his pain medication. I spent a few hours with him to keep his mind off the surgery. He was cranky by appointment time and more than a little determined he was not getting a needle.

We filled out the necessary forms for this appointment and procedure. It included a description of Matt’s disabilities plus an important caveat about an adverse reaction to a sedative many years ago. Having an adverse reaction plus his disabilities puts him at a higher risk for another bad reaction. The one he had when he was 4 included screaming, throwing himself around and general hysterics. That is why the other dental surgeon would only perform the procedure in a hospital. Except he can’t get any operating time at our 2 local hospitals.

Now today’s specialist claimed he hadn’t seen Mathew in a big room and so hadn’t seen the full extent of his disabilities….. Excuse me? Did you not look at the paperwork bud? You have practised for at least 20 years so how did you miss the problem when you met Mathew during the consultation, that was $90 by the way.

I won’t even talk about his dour clerical staff or that unpleasant dental assistant. We dealt with the staff that hasn’t cracked a smile or said a kind word for so long they don’t know how anymore.

I was enraged. I let them know I was furious with them and there was no way in hell Mathew would come back there again. The battle ax behind the counter actually dropped her jaw open for a minute. I left quickly before I turned into the fiery mother from hell. John calmly brought Mathew out. Mathew was upset thinking he had done something to incur our wrath. 

As I explained to him; he has been the way he is for his 20 years. His behaviour is no surprise to us and it should NEVER had been a surprise to a professional who presented himself, prepared for his patient.