Mathew's hospital tags

Mathew’s hospital tags

Although the biopsy was this morning I knew last night would be long. It was; Mathew never slept and spent his time on his iPad mini (ask me how I know that). He rested without anxiety medication although he did need the fast-release morphine to supplement the 12 hour dose through the night. We were still awake when the alarm officially started the day.

Mathew had his second bath/shower as ordered by the pre-op assessment before we headed off to the hospital for 7:15 am. August has its perks; everyone is on vacation so you can whiz through the registration and be on your way to the Surgery department…where we waited for 1-1/2 hours. That was hard on Mathew; no food or drink since 10 pm and his pain medication wearing off. Despite the Ativan he stuck under his tongue on the way to the hospital he was unable to doze off.

A cheerful orderly took us to the CT holding bay, entertaining us (and more importantly, Mathew) on the way. Once there the anesthesiologist inserted the IV into Mathew’s hand before bringing him into the procedure room. There were a lot of people in that room and all of them kind and supportive to Mathew and us. It was tough letting go of Mathew’s hand and leaving the room after he fell asleep.
The biopsy took the approximate half hour predicted and the Radiologist came out to tell us it went very well and he got a few good samples for pathology. The body CT scan wasn’t possible right then, with Mathew face-down for the procedure. We followed the stretcher over to the Surgical Recovery Area where Mathew went into the Recovery room while we sat outside.

It wasn’t long before our groggy son struggled awake, charming the recovery staff with his movie knowledge. Even anesthesia doesn’t stop him! About an hour after the initial biopsy finished the nurses whisked Mathew back to the CT area for the body scan. With the IV still inserted the dye was easily administered and the scanning didn’t take long. The Radiologist wasn’t there so we don’t know anything about the scan at this time. The only thing we do know is the pathology report will probably take at least 5 working days to get back to someone (probably Mathew’s surgeon).

Following the second scan Mathew went up to the Orthopaedic ward for further recovery. His post-biopsy instructions were to lay flat on his back for 4 hours ~ standard protocol for a back procedure. By this time Mathew was understandably grumpy; no pain meds or food and only a few sips of water. The ward nurse finished the hospital admission, took his vitals once again and left to get him some water (NOT the wretched tasting city water either). We found ourselves in a room/ward holding 4 patients; the other 3 gentlemen were elderly and the one beside us had pneumonia. He hacked and gurgled something awful and turned me into an instant germaphobe, wanting to protect my son. It sure wasn’t somewhere any of us wanted to spend the night and as guess what? We didn’t have to! No one seemed to know why the orders were to admit him overnight…. so they released him after the 4 hours! Yipee! Poor John who had been walking through the hospital and out to the parking lot (no small trip) to get Mathew’s overnight bag, then his walker… he now had to go BACK to get a wheelchair! Mathew was too groggy from the anesthesia and 12:30 morphine dose to walk anywhere. We hightailed it out of there, leaving sickness and germs in our wake.

We zipped through Dairy Queen on the way home for some chicken strips and iced tea for Mathew and a cheeseburger and small strawberry shake for me (their milkshakes are sinfully delicious and bad for you and just what I needed!).

While walking from our driveway to the house, Mathew’s leg buckled suddenly. John was walking with him but after that episode either he or I will assist Mathew with all his activities until we are sure he is stable when moving through the house. Our next purchase will be a bathtub seat so he doesn’t have to stand for a shower or try to get out from a bath; it is just getting too difficult for him these days.
Once at home I went for a nap, leaving the guys to watch “A Little Bit Zombie” ~ Mathew’s pick. Lucky for John the last 24 hours finally caught up to Mathew and he fell deeply asleep in his own bed.

Hours later Mathew is still sleeping soundly although I just woke him up to check on him and give him his next dose of pain medication. He immediately drifted off to sleep again. We are so relieved to be in the comfort of our own home tonight where Mathew feels safe and comforted.

Now we wait.