We wish to thank everyone for their phone calls, visits and other acts of kindess. From a simple “I’m sorry to hear about your news” to a smile or a visit it is all appreciated. I read all the comments on my blog, listen to voice messages on the phone and read the texts on my phone. We visit with those who live close enough by and know others are thinking of us.

We have been generously offered so many gifts of time, food, sitting services…you name it really. We haven’t accepted many but that doesn’t mean we won’t. This is looking to be a long, long process which will tire all of our resources. Time will be scarce and exhaustion will be plenty. The desire to worry about a meal, an errand, or groceries will push us to the brink of being overwhelmed. The marathon is just starting so if we haven’t said thank you yet for your offer of help or accepted anything yet please don’t give up. We will need you.

I always seem to forget thanking someone for something and I don’t want to overlook anyone. Today for instance, John’s mother and one of his sisters popped by for a visit. Just before arriving I spied some posters that still hadn’t been framed from as long ago as last fall. I had the brilliant idea of requesting their assistance in framing the posters for Mathew’s room. It didn’t take long at all and the task seemed so easy and enjoyable with others to help me. I am so happy to get these up on Mathew’s walls for him to look at in the coming months. Thank you so much ladies. Mathew also appreciated the cheesecake and is guarding it closely from anonymous forks….

The first couple of weeks when John’s brother and his wife accompanied us to one appointment and took Mathew home for us and stayed with him until we returned. That was a huge relief as the meeting went on a couple of hours longer than anticipated. We were given the time to absorb the news before returning home. Thank you for that!

To my sister-in-law (and maybe John’s brother?) who is coming out to the movies with us this weekend, thank you for the company ~ the outing will be fun and so will the ensuing discussion after… there hasn’t been a movie yet that Mathew doesn’t have an opinion about!

For others who call and visit, thank you. I don’t always reply and I’m not always up for the visit. I’m up around the clock with Mathew sometimes and our schedules are completely out of whack. Sometimes I’m too exhausted to do anything other than nap. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I keep hoping to wake to find this was all a terrible nightmare and it didn’t really happen. Or, maybe the pathology report will come back with an “oops! It’s an easily treatable little benign lump”… because we are still in the learning stages each piece of news (so far so bad) takes our breath away and knocks us off our feet. We forget many things and overlook expressing our gratitude ~ hopefully not often.

We won’t take you for granted. We won’t forget all the kindness and thoughts sent our way. And every once in a while I plan to dedicate a post about ideas carried out and perhaps even a “wish list”…

For now, thank you all. Another doctor’s appointment tomorrow and more anxiety. Not expecting much at this one but I thought that 3 weeks ago at the MRI too. Silly me!