The Biopsy results are inconclusive.

The pathologist at our hospital sent the sample to Mount Sinai in Toronto and it came back inconclusive there, too.

The inconclusive part is what type of cancer it is, exactly. It is cancer though.

“A Bad Cancer” the doctor said. They are leaning towards Ewing’s Sarcoma, Osteosarcoma or possibly a Lymphoma.

The doctor thinks the cancer may still be localized, which is good. There are 2 lymph nodes however, that are enlarged. They will be looked at closer over the next couple of weeks.

So now what, you ask?

Another sample will be sent to Mount Sinai, if a portion was kept back. Otherwise Mathew will have to submit to another biopsy. I hope they have enough of the tissue left in reserve.

Not finding out was a setback but it is something that happens fairly often. There is technical jargon that goes with why it couldn’t be determined with the sample submitted but don’t ask me to recount how that works!

It is now 4 weeks since the tumour was initially discovered on the MRI. For our health care system this is a remarkably short turn around time to having a biopsy done and making a diagnosis. The family doctor also told us that even though it may seem like nothing is happening to us there is a lot going on in the background.

The surgeon returns from holidays this week and our doctor believes we will be meeting with him shortly – probably this week.

That’s all I know today.

Except the doctor told us that Chemotherapy will make Mathew very, very sick.