Tuesday’s appointment with the Surgeon was cancelled.

On Tuesday 3 September Mathew meets with Dr. Chemo at the hospital. Once that appointment is over then the Surgeon will meet with us to determine his plan of action. As of Friday the latest tissue biopsy results were not back. The Surgeon’s office thought the oncologist’s appointment was a lot sooner and they think it got moved back to allow time for the biopsy results to come back from Mount Sinai in Toronto.

It is Dr. Chemo who decides the overall order of treatment which is why we will see her first. Once she gives us her input then the Surgeon, in conjunction with her, decides when he will operate.

In the meantime we are in a long lull that almost feels like this was all a bad dream. Not being constantly reminded by different medical appointments and tests one wants to slip into the old normal. You get a few minutes here and there but inevitably, the inbetween rises up to hit you between the eyes again. The initial shock has worn off finally although with THE official diagnosis we’ll probably have a new shock to deal with ~ along with a treatment plan and dates.

With the wheelchair Mathew is more mobile and is out more. The downside to that though is pain at night, mostly in his leg. His overall demeanour is happier however with the outings so the tradeoff is worth it.

We’ve had wonderful support with caring for Mathew, meals and treats being made and dropped off. We are thankful for all the help and hope to figure out a way to properly repay everyone’s kindness.