Quietly now… Mathew is sleeping!

He doesn’t sleep much anymore. He used to crash around 10 pm and be out until morning. For the last 4 months or so catching 40 winks is the best he can manage. The dark circles under his eyes are killing me because I know how tired he is.

The family doctor upped his night time morphine dose today. The evening 12 hour morphine dose went from 30 mg to 45 mg. We can add break-through morphine if needed but the idea is for him not to need it. Perhaps the increased amount will help Mathew get some more rest.

Mathew also had an echo ultrasound today. That is an ultrasound of his heart. One of the chemotherapy drugs can cause heart problems so the doctors need a baseline snapshot of the starting condition of his heart. Nice huh? Did I mention another one that causes blood clots? Nothing easy about any of this! His heart looks good ~ it should, he is only 20 and there have been no health issues aside from ear tubes. (I’m speaking of his physical health only!)

We have another free weekend as no treatment is starting. The oncologist’s appointment is still set for Monday therefore I assume all parties met and discussed Mathew’s case. It was only going to be postponed if they didn’t get the chance to meet.

On Wednesday Mathew has an appointment with the Radiologist; probably the initial consultation.

Right ~ things are moving along. Just a little faster, please. There are some cancer cells we need to kill and FAST.

Now I am going to take my “brain candy” magazine and head out to the deck while the sun still warms the air a little.

Happy Friday everyone!