Mathew was going to lose his hair within 2 weeks. It was one of the first things the oncologist told us about the chemotherapy drugs.
Chemo starts tomorrow if all goes well and Mathew was angry the choice of short hair, long hair or even bald was no longer going to be his to make.

So Mathew decided to lose his hair by his decision and not chemo.
Operation SHAVE happened this afternoon in the comfort of our home. Mathew played a computer game and put on some heavy music to chill to and let John and I get to work.
He has thick, wavy hair that sets perfectly if it is combed into place after a shower.
It gets a bit tousled and wild if it isn’t tamed right away. I love his sandy hair that styles perfectly.
He inherited his father’s beautiful hair. Mine just sits straight unless I plop gel, hair crème, hairspray ~ anything and everything!
Prebuzz with Mom
He decided to shave his head today and then the chemo will just make it not grow back in. His locks will grow back when the chemotherapy is done ~ John still has thick, wavy hair (albeit a little grey these days)
Prebuzz with Dad
It isn’t as easy to go bald as I thought. John went out and bought clippers (thank goodness) because my bright idea was to pick up a razor and start shaving.
Dad buzzing
It took several shave overs with increasingly shorter clippers before his hair got short enough to shave.
Dad buzz hair 3
I then spent 3 different razors to fully close shave the nubs off. Tiny hair is tough and feels weird on the hands when you rub his head.
There was a lot of hair on the floor that the idiot pug enthusiastically started to eat. He thought it was a treat, I guess. Ack ~ phooey!
Shaved 2
Mathew and I spent some time wondering what wrestler or star he resembles bald.
Matt Shaved
Mathew looks awesome and rocks the shaved head!
Even with the grumpy bear look.