Mathew successfully completed the first infusion of chemo drugs yesterday.

We arrived at the hospital at 0830 hours and left at 1830 hours – that is a 10 hour day! We were exhausted, tired and very cranky by the time we got home.

Mathew’s port was inserted in the morning and it was used to infuse the chemo drugs in the afternoon.

Today we went back to the hospital to learn how to give him his daily injections – 2 of them; one to promote the growth of white blood cells and the other to prevent blood clots. John gave him one in the arm and I injected the other into his lower abdomen. He wasn’t happy about either of them but thank goodness for that numbing cream that dulled the pain of the needles going in.

I didn’t get to work today because every time the subject came up Mathew grew extremely upset and started crying rather hysterically. In the end today he needed me so we fluffed up our pillows and snored away. He is awfully cute with his bald head when he’s sleeping with the covers tucked up and around him. He slept for the most part from last night until early this afternoon. We don’t remember the last time he slept that long so were thankful for all of us getting some rest!

I will blog more and in more detail but we are still very tired and I do plan on working tomorrow. Mathew is feeling some nausea right now so I’m going back to his room to spend some time with him.

In the next day or two I will post more details.