Hi all, it is late Saturday night ~ or more correctly, Sunday morning.

Mathew is going to the hospital for 2 pm today and tomorrow (Monday) begins the 5 day in-patient treatment. The hospital called us on Friday to tell us that Mathew has to go to the adult oncology ward; there are strict age rules for pediatrics and those rules do.not.bend. This was a cruel blow to Mathew, whose anxiety was somewhat eased by knowing he would be with kids.

The next hope is that he will have a private room; goodness knows I’ve paid for it on my healthcare for many years. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally reap some benefit from that?

There is no wifi available at the hospital so I probably won’t update while I am there. The tentative plan right now is for John to be with Mathew during the day and for me to be there after work and through the night before going back to work the following day. It’ll take some maneuvering around to line up times but we’ll manage. The tricky part is making sure the dogs have ample chance to get outside and use the grass for bathroom business. One of our little buddies is quite fond of leaving brown gifts in the house and bears no guilt about doing it either.

Mathew slowed improved this last week, experiencing less queasiness each day. He started eating small amounts on Wednesday and some of his happy nature peaked through here and there. The biggest problem were the mouth sores – the big one on his tonsil, in particular. That lovely swishing, yellow medicine helped keep that under control. Mathew start drinking water, and lots of it, under his own steam over the last few days. I’m sure round 2 of chemo is going to set all that back somewhat.

He mostly ate small amounts of cereal, plain pasta with margarine, mashed potatoes, and chicken strips or batter fish. The best method of presenting him with food is to put it on a plate and set it in front of him and then leave it. He’ll pick and choose what he wants and when he is done just quietly remove whatever is left.

Mathew and I went out for almost 5 hours today ~ that is the longest he has been out since this crap started! It was a beautiful, warm day and he wanted to leave the house in the rear-view mirror so away we went. First though, I went to the hairdresser and had her cut my hair off. I need something short and easy to care for right now; just no time to fuss over luscious locks (ha ha ha ha; I wish!). I swung by the house, picked up Mathew and we went Halloween hunting. We love looking at Halloween stuff and discussing various costumes and checking out different decorations. There isn’t a lot out there sadly, right now, and Mathew was too tired to go into Micheal’s. They usually have a great displays to ooh and aah over. Our first stop was Walmart where Mathew chose a blanket for the hospital. I wanted him to have something special on his bed there so he picked out a MarioKart blanket. It’ll give his space a bit of personality and colour. We also bought two games to play, if he is up to it; two trivia type games that he loves so much.

I must go; need some sleep for the upcoming week. I will update when possible but not likely before next weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone.

ps Mathew still has his hair; it is growing in. Two weeks; he should start losing it any day now.