Finally some good news ~ Mathew moved to a private room yesterday! It includes a private bathroom and enough room for a cot plus extra chairs. The room even has a sink apart from the bathroom AND a gorgeous view of the Kennebecasis River. I haven’t seen much of that myself since I show up after work.

In fact I’m exhausted so John and I switched tonight and he is staying with Mathew while I catch up on sleep at home. It is eerily quiet in here and I almost want to make a break for it back to the hospital because I miss John and Mathew so much. If it weren’t for the animals I probably would head back. Last night was rough though, with Mathew needing to use the bathroom every 45 minutes to one hour. He got a drug that sounds like Lasex…Lasix?? I only know right now that it makes him pee constantly. In fact tonight when I noticed on his chart that he hadn’t emptied his bladder in 2 hours I panicked and called the nurse in. She noted that 400 mL every 2 hours or more is normal while 500 mL every hour is a huge output quantity only produced by this drug. Whew ~ what a relief that was! Then I realized that Mathew had this drug for the last 3 nights while I stayed with him, making it impossible to sleep for very long….and don’t you know it but John gets the night where they will probably tuck in early and snore all night long!!

I spent 2 nights sleeping in chairs and only 1 night trying to sleep in the wretched cot with springs that sagged several years ago. It tended also to collapse as I tried to crawl over it to pull the IV plug out of the wall when Mathew needed to rush to the bathroom. Instead I was dumped unto the ground with my ass sticking in the air and scrambling to right myself before Mathew had an accident. I tried the cot again last night however I couldn’t get out of it quickly enough. Those sagging springs dropped me almost to the ground and I couldn’t roll out of the darn thing for the life of me. With Mathew’s urgent bathroom requirements…well, I ended up sleeping in a chair with my head resting against the locker in his single room.

This is day 3 of Mathew’s week long in hospital stay for the even cycle treatments. Each day he receives 2 chemo drugs through his port. One drug takes about 2 hours to run through while the other takes closer to 3 hours. They run concurrently. This is interspersed with an IV drug called Mesna; it protects his bladder from the damaging effects of those chemo drugs.

He is feeling quite nauseous and has been heavily medicated for that. He brightens up enough around supper to eat whatever is brought to him ~ whatever he feels like eating is brought to him; thank goodness for Nana’s Mac-a-Beef, plain pasta, French fries and chicken nuggets and oh ~ mashed potatoes too. He eats well in the afternoon and then feels off in the evening so tends to doze a lot. Tonight is the first time he sank into sleep for 2 hours straight.

He also has abdominal pain and the doctor thinks it may be related to constipation. On top of his regular medication Mathew now takes several pills to help move things along… um, smoothly…plus he drinks one syrupy disgusting liquid as well. He fusses about all the pills he takes and prefers to receive whatever he can by IV.

Mathew wants to come home badly and will break down when I’m there begging me to take him home. It is so hard knowing that I get to sleep in my own bed at home and he has to stay there, plugged into machines pumping chemical poisons into his body to kill that cancer.

In other news, the Oncologist spoke with the pediatric ward and Mathew will be allowed to go there from now on. That ward has only semi-private and private rooms. I’m not sure what magical wand she waved but I’m relieved; the quiet of a private room helps us stay healthy and sane through this long week.

I must hurry off to bed before I turn into a walking zombie. Scary thing is I could probably do my job as a zombie and still look the same! Good night all.