We saw it coming a few days ago when we all noticed bits of hair on his pillow.
Mathew complained his pillow was itchy and his hair was prickly.

So last night I took a fine-tooth comb to his very, very short hair and sure enough fuzz and bits of hair came off in the comb. So then I held a small tuft of hair and it fell out into my hand. I kept at it and pretty soon the top of his head was bald. Today he’ll shower and with the shampoo may lose the rest of it. If not, then it will be shaved off.

It looks different from when we shaved his head 3 weeks ago because this time there is no dark shadow on his skull. That little 3 o’clock shadow that tells you it is going to grow back. No, this time his scalp is shiny and bald.

It looks beautiful. It means the chemo is killing the fast growing cells in his body and what is faster than his cancer cells? NOTHING! Die cells, DIE!