Mathew is almost back to his old self.

Saturday was his turning point and he spent hours and hours talking to us and looking up movies and talking about Halloween (with me). We perused costumes and accessories until well into the night!

He isn’t eating much but is getting his liquids in and drinking ensure to get some calories in.

I worked Saturday and Sunday to make up for the days I took off on Thursday and Friday. As you can imagine that didn’t leave much time for anything else so I think I will give my daughter the info to get on my blog and update when I can’t.

We were the recipients of meals and Mathew received some gifts from his aunts and Nana & Poppa. He is already plotting what to download with the gift cards. Thank you to all who helped us out and for your wishes & visits.

I am working all this week as well and am about to leave for work now. Mathew, if his bloodwork is good this week, will go in the hospital this coming Sunday for Cycle 4 of chemo. He is upset he will be spending Halloween in the hospital as it is his favourite event of the year (can’t say Holiday as it isn’t!).

I will post more when I can.