Hi, Just got a call from the hospital/oncology.

Mathew’s hemoglobin level is too low so he is going back to the hospital for a blood transfusion today. He will be upstairs in the special room with the beds and his appointment is for 1 pm.

Rats ~ I didn’t think he would need one so soon.

*UPDATE ~ 8:30 pm*

Mathew received 2 bags of blood today. Each bag takes about 1-1/2 hours to transfuse. Overall it was about 4 hours. Mathew’s mood was fine until after the procedure and by the time he got home he was definitely in a deep funk. He was also feeling cold so after giving him his injections (yea ~ something else he could look forward to!) I bundled him up and snoozed beside him. He is still asleep while I write this, so I am heading off to sleep lest he rise at the witching hour looking for more blood (hah hah hah laughs Dracula). I wonder if he will be more energetic with all this oxygen-rich blood moving through his vital organs? An energizer bunny perhaps? Happy dreams and restful sleep young man.

Mathew’s blood type is A+ the same as mine. So is Kristen’s. Sorry John, my blood is the dominant one; yours being O- didn’t stand a chance!

On a serious note, thank you to whomever donated blood recently. Your blood will bounce my son’s hemoglobin back up and ensure chemo cycle #4 happens next week. We want his body to consistently fight off the side effects of chemo so as not to give that nasty cancer even a tiny sliver of a chance to grow.

Whoever you are, you are my hero.