Mathew went back to the hospital today for more fluids. He developed diarrhea overnight followed by vomiting. I went to work as it initially looked like he was improving but that was a short lull in the action. John took him and he went up to Oncology for treatment.

Now we have to gather poop samples. John and I are both hoping the other gets that privilege!

Monday’s blood work saw dramatic drops in a lot of levels, not just Hemoglobin. The doctor ordered blood work today but the request came in after John and Mathew already left. I don’t know how the transfusion affects the other levels however his counts were down so low he must avoid people for danger of infection.

Mathew has blood work tomorrow which will hopefully show an increase in all the tests. Right now he is napping and I’m in his chair using my iPad in the dark as lights bother him. He still isn’t feeling that wonderful.

A coworker gave me a treat bag to give to Mathew today. Sally, thank you again, Mathew teared up and smiled. He loves the free food coupons, the gift card and the shirt. The treats were set aside for when he is feeling better but I have to tell you… I had to take those twists away from John!

We’ve received tasty meals from friends this week. Tiffani your soups are excellent. I wanted to save them for the hospital but they smelled so good we ate them! Wayne & Sharon your stew smells awesome and will feed us tomorrow….the cookies are having a much shorter lifespan. It seems a Cookie Monster is on the loose in here! The apple crumble earlier this week hit the spot too. My only wish is we could get Mathew to eat some of this food.

He barfed up his chicken nuggets on his bedroom floor this morning and they just weren’t as appealing the second time seeing them. The pink juice wasn’t great either.

Tonight we are coaxing some drink and gravel into him. If we are lucky maybe even a bottle of Ensure.

From Matt’s room