Well, Mathew is feeling better but his counts are down. The Neutrophil count tells us how well our bodies can fight off infection. The range is 2.0 – 7.5 (I might be off a bit on the high number but not the low end). Anything below 1.0 means your risk of infection goes up. Chemo won’t usually happen when the count is below 1.0

Mathew’s count on Monday was 0.2 and today’s test it was 0.3. The hospital called to make sure we have been giving him his daily neurogenic shots – the $4K/month one. We have.

So Mathew can’t have any visitors right now nor can he go out except for necessary tests. Next week’s chemo is looking iffy…

With better nausea medication into him, Mathew had a better day. He vomited once this morning but kept down part of an apple and 2 Ensure drinks. He is getting the chills on and off, but he just finished a looong, hot shower and is napping in bed. That bathroom was like a sauna and sweat poured off my face however it felt really good for Matt and relaxed him.

******* Update *******

11 pm – Mathew is experiencing pain upon urination. We are monitoring the situation, taking his temperature often and trying to keep his spirits up. If he gets a fever we’ll be heading out the door otherwise if it still hurts tomorrow he will go somewhere to give a urine sample & see what is going on.