Feeling better after a rough week

Feeling better after a rough week

Boy this was a tough week. A blood transfusion followed by another trip to the hospital for fluids because of vomiting and diarrhea and feeling very sick. Mathew is rallying around slowly with the extra help and with the anti-nausea medication we put him back on. He is sitting in his chair watching some tv!

(The visible marks on his right upper chest – left side of photo – are bruising and bandage marks from the nurses accessing his port. The swelling is completely gone now and it is easy to feel the port right below the skin and the three bumps that locate the needle insertion area. It was so swollen after the surgery you could barely feel the port itself!)

The next photos show Mathew in one of his hats I bought online for him. He gets cold nowadays and sometimes it turns into chills. During these times I noticed his head was cool or cold. When I searched for a soft, cotton cap he could wear I didn’t find any. I found thicker hats with a 100% polyester lining that didn’t look light enough to do the trick for snoozing in or hanging around in the house. The Canadian Cancer Society had wool knitted hats (too scratchy) or turbans….as IF! Nothing for men.

I turned my attention to the internet and searched online. I found a few sites where individuals started up companies of their own after suffering the same problem during their own cancer journey. I settled on one, Headcovers Unlimited, because I liked the variety of material and styles for the men. I bought 4; 1 blue all cotton sleeping cap, 1 fleece night beanie cap for men (Mathew is modelling that one), 1 grey night cap and 1 navy cozy cap. The fleece is the heaviest material and Mathew fell in love with that one right away and is wearing it now.

Modelling one of his new hats

Modelling one of his new hats

This website offers hats for both sexes and all ages; plus there are other products for anyone with a head without hair for whatever reason. This is the website:


I paid about $14 for each hat and went for the express mail. Everything came to $85 in total. I ordered on Wednesday and they arrived at our door this afternoon. I figured each hat cost about $20 all said and done. A bit pricey but I want Mathew to be warm and comfortable and these hats are.

He can still get goofy when he's feeling better!

He can still get goofy when he’s feeling better!

The hospital is going to decide on Monday about next week’s chemo. Mathew’s bloodwork is scheduled for 1 pm and the results will be sent right over and the decision will be made right away. I don’t know if that means Mathew will go in on Monday and get his chemo later than usual… if they plan to admit him on Tuesday and run it until Saturday…?? Mathew is hoping not to go in next week; there is a new video game coming out on Tuesday that he waits for all year (one of his beloved wrestling games). There is also the matter of Halloween that he wants to be home for.

If he is in the hospital for Halloween I have something up my sleeve with the help of a few people that will perk him up. There will be more on that should he be admitted next week.

p.s. guess who won the pooh-collecting duty? (hint: I was at work) That’s one task I didn’t mind missing.