At the hospital...waiting for a bed

At the hospital…waiting for a bed

That picture, taken on my iPhone, sums up the day. Mathew spent most of the night awake and fiddling about with his iPad mini. Stressing out about today he decided not to go to sleep so today wouldn’t come. He finally fell asleep around 5 am and was woken up at 8 am to get ready to go to the hospital. He took the news as badly as last night and had another major meltdown. When he finally calmed down enough he took an Ativan and only after that took effect could we actually start pushing him out the door.

The input time was 0830 hours however we didn’t make that time by a long shot. It was around 0930 hours before clearing in through the Admissions department. Once again Mathew is not in the children’s ward although his oncologist said he would be at the end of his last hospital stay. I didn’t even bother asking why. When we got up to the oncology ward it turned out Mathew’s room wasn’t ready for him so we were sent to wait in the hall. They thought a quiet place with little traffic would be best and also advised him to wear a mask. We waited in the hall for so long I wanted to spread his blanket out and lie down for a nap. After an hour and a half or so, a temporary bed became available and finally Mathew could lay down and rest. I wandered off for something to eat because I was turning into one of those football players on the snicker’s commercials (the not-so-happy ones). After eating in the hospital cafeteria I returned to the oncology ward just in time for Mathew to be moved to his private room.

Yipeee ~ we get to wear gowns and plastic gloves in his room! If we don’t the nurses sternly tell us in no uncertain terms that we must. This is due to Mathew having the C-Difficile bug. It isn’t to protect him so much as to prevent the bug from coming out of his room and going elsewhere in the hospital. Every time we leave his room the gown comes off and gets tossed into the soiled linen hamper parked right at his door. The gloves go in the garbage and we have to wash our hands. This time Mathew was also swabbed for the MSRA superbug (I’m not even going to tell you one of those samples is taken from!!). Those results will be back in about 24 hours.

Tick tock, tick tock. The minutes turned into hours and still no chemo. Mathew’s vitals were taken, the port accessed and Decadron then the saline solution dripped in…but no chemo. I knew before the doctor stopped in that there would be no chemo today. Mathew was super unhappy to hear the chemo doesn’t start until tomorrow and that he will be in the hospital until Sunday…the doctor got quite an earful after that! Mathew comes in early to ensure there is a bed for him. There was one set aside last night for him but an emergency came through and took that bed. People were shuffled after we arrived today to make Mathew’s room available for him.

The room he is in has seen better days. There are chips out of the walls, flaked paint…it is dismal looking. The good news is that there are already so many holes and rips and missing paint that the nurses are all for us plastering posters up to look at! Mathew just happens to have quite a collection of posters looking for a temporary home…

Aside from not wanting to go in to the hospital for another 5 days Mathew was really upset about missing the launch of his new wrestling game. John, that awesome Dad, brought a spare tv, Mathew’s playstation console plus the new game (and a couple others) to the tv and hooked it all up for Mathew!! Now he can play for hours if he wants to!

The oncologist plans to do the next CAT scan on Mathew at his next hospital admission ~ so in another month. Just by Mathew’s decreased pain levels I believe the tumour has shrunk and hope the scan shows this to be true. While Mathew’s leg is still much weaker than the other one his range of motion has improved and he isn’t complaining of pain like he was before chemo started (take that you nasty little cancer!).

Mathew visited with his Aunt Wendy, Uncle Andy and cousin Jack this evening. They swung by, bringing Mathew chicken strips from Dairy Queen which he happily chowed down. Once they left Mathew drifted off to sleep, the long day catching up to him. He grabbed my hand before I left and started to cry. He so desperately does not want to feel nauseous anymore. Neither do we.

I HATE leaving him at the hospital.

Hate it.