Mathew is struggling with vomiting and diarrhea from this chemo cycle. All his Halloween visitors yesterday saw how ill he was and then it ramped up in the evening when the diarrhea started. It continued through the night and on to today and was still happening when I handed the “night shift” over to John a few hours ago.

The doctor ordered 3 more stool samples to test for C-Difficile again plus other bugs. The results might not be back until Monday and as a precaution, the Oncology ward just put Mathew’s room back on the C-Diff protocol. The yellow gown and surgical gloves again. Mathew’s stool sample from a week ago tested positive for C-Diff on Monday so he is actually on antibiotics for it already. The kicker is the gown and glove precaution is “just in case”… meanwhile no one will treat his diarrhea until the latest C-Diff results are back.

The doctor also added new anti-nausea medication as Mathew is vomiting as well.

It is quite the picnic for poor Mathew.

He hasn’t eaten or had any liquids pass his lips for 2 solid days now. The doctor is not happy with this and told him today that he will not be allowed to leave the hospital until he starts eating and drinking. The idea is for this to be incentive enough to get him back to some kind of nutritional intake. The smell and sight of any food nauseated Mathew throughout the day as did the sound of running water.

Those who visited yesterday saw Mathew in rough shape. He is so tired and ill yet continues to run to the bathroom every 1/2 hour to hour around the clock. He can’t stand seeing the lights on his IV poles or from the tv. Sounds are bothering him as well.

So for the next few days I am asking that no one visit the hospital so that Mathew can focus on rest and recovery. He still has 2 more days of chemo to go plus he has to start eating and drinking. He was happy to see his visitors yesterday but was just not well enough to participate in any of the visits. None of us expected this round to be so rough on Mathew and I know we all want to him to recover quickly.

If all goes as planned and there are absolutely no hiccups in treatment then Mathew should be home on Sunday night. It is going to take some dramatic improvements that I haven’t seen yet.

Mathew was showered with love and Halloween treats yesterday and the day before. I handed out candy to all of our visitors but it was NOTHING in comparison to the quantity Mathew received in return! He wants to have Halloween when Kristen comes home over Remembrance Day weekend. He wants to watch Halloween movies and let us treat ourselves to his candy. All of us are looking forward to that weekend and especially to see him enjoying one of his favourite pastimes.

We also discovered a nasty “trick” yesterday too. Little Bosco is so flea-ridden I could see the little varmints running over his skin. That prompted a fast visit to the vet for prescription strength flea medication and worm pills. John spent yesterday and today cleansing the house, stripping all bedding, vacuuming, dusting for flea removal. This, in spite of all the animals receiving monthly flea medication (over-the-counter!). The pet shop told John the flea stuff is flying off the shelves right now as the cold weather settles in and the fleas travel to warmer places like our houses, to overwinter.

You’ll forgive my lack of enthusiasm today… it was a long night and having the flea problem is the icing on the cake.

I’m going to bed now, for some restorative sleep, so I can head back to the hospital tomorrow refreshed and invigorated (ha ha ha ha! Now that’s funny).

How is it that some people sail through treatment with hardly a side effect while others have to suffer every last complication possible??

This is hell.