I am on my way back to the hospital shortly. I slept for nearly 12 hours. I can’t imagine how much sleep Mathew needs by this point.

There are no test results back yet and we need more wet ones and Lysol wipes at the hospital. Mathew made frequent trips there all night. Can’t they rush those bloody tests? The nurse put a stat on the C-Diff one but what do you want to bet that a lot of tests go as STAT? Still a cancer patient with C-Diff? That impedes any chance of recovery!!!

I’m off to Walmart after walking the dogs to pick up a cart of Lysol wipes and wet ones.

I will update once there is a change is something. Anything.

Until then, we wish you a good weekend and make sure to put your clocks back an hour tonight. Me? I’m so excited we get to spend an extra hour at the hospital tonight. Why, it’s a dream come true! Yes, feel free to add as much sarcasm to that statement as you imagine I meant.

Until later.