Hey guys, it’s Kristen. 

Mum wanted me to update you guys on Mathew’s current situation. On the plus side, his stool results came back negative, so he does not have C-Difficile anymore. That means you guys no longer have to wear the gowns when you visit. 

On the down side, Mathew has been so ill with vomiting and diarrhea that chemotherapy is being stopped and postponed until Monday. He will be in the hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday and he will be in the hospital from now until chemo starts again on Monday to recover. He has been able to drink water and keep his pills down for the past couple of hours and he has been feeling much better in these past few hours. He’s looking much better. 

Personal note of mine (Kristen): It has recently been brought to my attention that the Canadian Cancer Society does not put much of their income into research. I do not have anything more recent than 2011 that puts their money spendage into people friendly terms, but I do not think that there would have been a significant change over the past two years. In any case, as of 2011 they were only spending roughly 20% on research and a fair amount on advertisements. In case you want to donate money for cancer in the future, please research and find an organization that dedicates its income to research. My Aunt Susan found this site: http://ewingscancer.ca/about-us/ which has the goals of PROVIDING RESEARCH GRANTS, FUNDING RESEARCH, EXPAND THE NUMBER OF EWING SARCOMA RESEARCHERS, HELPING RESEARCHERS, and most importantly, TO ELIMINATE PAIN, SUFFERING AND DEATH (that’s all in caps because I’m yelling to make a point). So, if you’re going to donate, please donate somewhere like that.

Additionally, please donate blood. Mathew has already needed one transfusion and, realistically, he will be needing more in the future. I try and donate and I never do well but I haven’t given up. I know how important it is for people to donate to people like my brother. Many people need blood and I have always had the philosophy, “What if it was someone you loved who needed it? What if your mother/father/sibling/child/lover/friend was in a serious collision tomorrow and died because the hospital didn’t have enough blood? What if you needed it?”Image

This photo is from last Christmas, when I made my first donation. They allow people to make donations in honour of others, as Christmas gifts. My reasoning at the time was, if it were me, I would want the same. I would want friends, family and strangers to help me, to save my life. What if it was personal? 

Well, now it is personal. 

I don’t want to pressure anyone into doing something that they know will make them faint or something, but I strongly urge everyone to at least consider trying donating if you haven’t before. It’s the thought that counts, and if your thought is you’re going to do what you can to help people like my brother, that’s a pretty damn nice thought. This is something you can do to help. While your blood may not go directly to him, it will go to someone else who desperately needs it. You can do something to help. Please consider it. There’s a clinic in Saint John that is open five or six days a week for the purpose of collecting blood- Saint John Regional is a level one trauma centre and they need it. The people at the clinic are friendly and you get treats after. Please consider it. 

******* All of the comments from “Personal note” onward are my (Kristen’s) personal opinions and beliefs. They are not necessarily the beliefs and opinions of my parents. I’m not sure. I haven’t asked yet. *******

I hope you all have a good day. XOXO