Hi from 5A South… Mathew’s room.

Mathew is feeling better and hasn’t had any diarrhea since yesterday morning. His nausea is mostly under control with frequent meds and he is drinking some liquids. He just expressed interest in a Dairy Queen commercial so John just ran out to buy Matt some chicken strips and fries.

I don’t know about tomorrow and what the Oncologist will decide about the last 2 chemo treatments. She is off this weekend and doesn’t know Mathew’s chemo was suspended. 

I am staying here with Mathew while John visits – he has to work tomorrow.

Mathew loves his My Little Pony from cousin Ella; she did indeed remember that the pink one is his other favourite. Nana, the red monkey is gazing down at him from a shelf. And Ben? He is laughing about your costume! He remembers all his visitors and their costumes, even when I didn’t think he was awake! I’m sorry I missed you Eric and Ryan and thank you for visiting!! 

Thanks to everyone who spoiled him especially family; we love you!