Mathew is now waiting to receive two bags of blood. Each bag has about 300-340 ml of blood (250 ml = 1cup). I know this because I asked the nurse to find out. Mathew is totally bummed by this because the last time he got diarrhea and had to go for fluids the next day. I told him that might have been something completely unrelated but the seed of memory is still there.

Mathew’s hemoglobin was 77 this morning; if you recall an earlier post where I said a transfusion usually occurs if that count drops below 80.

Mathew enjoyed his chicken strip basket last night and John and I enjoyed watching him eat it even more. There is still no re-occurance of diarrhea and I hope it stays that way!!

The oncologist isn’t sure if Mathew will have 1 or 2 of his remaining chemos this cycle.

More later.