Chemo won round one for the day. It arrived first so it was administered first. Chemo has priority anyway over a blood transfusion. So the oncologist and nurse said.

Mathew was feeling very well when I left for a few hours. John arrived after work and bought them some dinner from the cafeteria. Mathew chose chicken strips (what else!) and they were settling in to watch a movie when I left.

The blood transfusion should be happening now as the nurses were cross-matching the blood as I left.

Right now it looks like Mathew will be discharged late tomorrow night. Tomorrow’s chemo is set to start later in the day (I don’t know why) which will probably make another 11 pm discharge much like the first time he was in.

Mathew is more peppy; he admonished his father for getting into the Halloween candy at home and informed him that the candy HE was given is not to be touched. It was given by special people just for him and he wants it! It isn’t to eat right now as his appetite is off but I think he wants to wonder at everyone’s generosity. He admired and talked about all his little gifts today. Harry and Christine he is delighted with the minion, he is thinking about a name now. It is his first minion so you have that honour!

I have to shower then run off to Walmart before heading back to the hospital.

I do have pictures but they are on my camera…at the hospital!