Today is day 2 of Cycle 5. Yesterday Mathew had his outpatient chemo at 2:30 pm and made it home by 6 pm.

He slept in the evening but was up for most of the wee hours (ask me how I know that). It was bathroom-related activities that kept us up and going and by 4 am I was exhausted. I called my boss and left a message saying I would be a little late for work ~ I showed up by 11 am, so just 2-1/2 hours late! I needed just a little bit of beauty sleep to make it to work without falling asleep behind the wheel.

At 6:30 am I woke up to Mathew crying, both because he felt awful and I was going to work. I sat with him for a while, got some medication into him and reassured him that my last day is tomorrow. John then went in to sit with him and I went to our room for that beauty sleep I needed.

Mathew has mostly slept so far today. The liquid intake is a little low but we are doing much better at proactive anti-nausea medication and he feels better so far than the previous outpatient chemos he had.

In fact, I must run now and give him some more meds and get him to sip some water.