It worked.

The “pipes” started working shortly after the suppository did its job. A few hours later the clog rushed through and hopefully flushed his system.

Mathew isn’t drinking very much but he did manage to get his morphine in. If his liquid intake doesn’t improve we’ll be visiting the hospital tomorrow for IV therapy. He is so unpleasant when he doesn’t want to drink… He and I made a little progress on the shouting front and that eased up a bit. The vicious language is another matter and after being on the receiving end of that for all these years, I am so very tired of it. My temper doesn’t rise except in extreme situations now but I am so very, very weary of it. John and I are constantly working with Mathew on this issue but when he is frightened or angry he lashes out without thought or care.

I am fed up with sh*t too, have I mentioned that lately? Right after dealing with the numbing cream & suppository plus the first trip to the bathroom, I tucked Mathew in and went to tend to the animals. As soon as I left Mathew’s room I smelled a present from that google-eyed pug of mine. This, in spite of taking them all out every couple of hours today. Really? Really? Stupid dog.

That’s all for now. It’s quiet in Mathew’s room and I want to nap while he does. You just never know what even the next hour is going to bring right now.

stupid dog.