I’m blogging from the hospital still. Mathew received another 2 units of blood today. His counts fell overnight; Hemoglobin 66, Platelets 20, Leukoctes 0.3 and Neutrophils 0. Mathew’s temperature is normal today and he is getting antibiotics every 6 hours.

Today’s Doctor thinks Mathew will be in the hospital until mid-week or so. I hope to know more when his Oncologist comes in tomorrow. Generally when the patient’s levels are low and there is a fever the doctors like to keep him/her in for a while.

Yesterday Matt drank 3 Ensures – it was as good as an early Christmas present! Today he had 2 so far. He is swishing flat club soda in his mouth to help the mouth sores heal. This, in addition to Nystatin. He looks better and is on his iPad which is always a good sign.

John is here and we are all doing quiet activities…normally we are such party animals!

Mathew had another sitz bath today which he didn’t like. It was a struggle for him to sit for 5 minutes! His derrière is very slowly improving but he still can’t sit for any length of time. The doctor today asked for a stool sample….and I said, really? You really think he has C-Diff? He hasn’t pooped in 24 hours! That is not C-Diff! He agreed and I just raised my eyebrows to the poop request.

Good night from the Regional Hospital