Someone woke up today on the RIGHT side of the hospital bed! Yipeeeee!

Our boy was back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. All day he chatted and joked and cracked that gorgeous smile. He drank 4 Ensures and 2 bottles of water! He picked out my movie for tonight, Fright Night, (thanks for tonight’s nightmares that go along with that).

What a change from the last few days! All of his counts are climbing and he hasn’t had a fever in two days. The doctors still want that stool sample and said they will wait until Sunday to get it, when he comes back for chemo. I think if he craps before then we’ll put it in a doggy bag and keep it for them.

The feeding tube is going in next week as there is a wait for the room to do the procedure (and probably the staff as well). The plan is for Mathew to get blood work on Friday and those results will decide if he is coming back on Sunday for Cycle 6 next week and the feeding tube.

Right now we are looking forward to GOING HOME tomorrow!

Still on my iPad, so more later.