When cancer strikes everyone in the family is affected.

The primary focus is on the person stricken with cancer ~ and rightly so.
There is plenty of support for that person and in our case, us, as the parents.
We are very grateful for all the outpouring of support.

Someone in our circle is hidden in the corner and she needs your support and attention too.


She is alone at university and her friends are focussed on their studies and exams. Her boyfriend is amazing in how much he helps her, but she needs YOU and YOU and YOU to remind her that she is loved and isn’t forgotten. Mathew is her brother and she is suffering too. A note, a card, a text… from aunts, uncles, COUSINS, other relatives and friends. There is no support group in Fredericton; she checked. We are always available for her and she calls us when she needs us.

She needs you too.

Please don’t forget her.