No, chemo didn’t start today. Instead it is scheduled for Wednesday; I wasn’t there tonight to ask the doctor why but it is probably to make sure Mathew’s blood counts remain good for the feeding tube procedure tomorrow. This means the 5 days will run Wednesday to Sunday (yes Kristen, we’ll talk later about who is coming to get you, etc).

Mathew was feeling pretty fine today, we watched tv and he played on his iPad today while I tried to catch up on catnapping. The big shocker? He actually ATE about 1/4 cup white rice with butter on it! His dinner tray came in and lo and behold he expressed interest so John and I whipped it over to him before he could change his mind! Oh, if only he could eat, eat, eat so the damn feeding tube doesn’t have to go in tomorrow. He is showing interest in food commercials again…

I saw the feeding tube today when the nutritionist brought it in for us to look at. The gadget at the end looks cumbersome but it is the temporary tube Mathew is getting. It’s funny though that no one mentioned the tube he’ll have running from his nose to his stomach for 24 hours after his surgery tomorrow. That little nugget of info was casually dropped to John this evening when the doctor visited. Mathew was getting strung out and scared when I left and no doubt this didn’t help. The procedure is scheduled for 10:30 am tomorrow and I’ll be heading back to the hospital early tomorrow so both of us are there to hold Mathew’s hand as he goes in. If I can keep up with the orderlies who move those stretchers as though running a marathon. When you are trying to catch your kid as they whiz by it is an awfully big hospital!

This time the nurses and doctors got to see Mathew, finally. He was chatty and interactive for the first time in a while and his odd outlook on life and responses to their routine questions had them laughing. He knows most of them and they are so sweet with him that he is comfortable hanging out while they putter around him. Today the nurses – and doctor – had another fit of giggles when they asked Mathew to pull up his shirt so they could look for the rash he’s complained about and he protested loudly,”MOTHER TRUCKER!”. I breathed a sigh of relief; it is an uphill battle to keep his mouth clean on some days.

Good night all; here’s wishing tomorrow’s feeding tube goes off without a hitch or complications.