Mathew had a CT scan today and the results show his tumour has shrunk by about 1/3 rd and no signs of mets! Yippee, Xmas came early at our house – thanks Santa!

In other news, Mathew is now recovering from the feeding tube procedure that took place late this morning. He cannot eat or drink until tomorrow after the doctor checks the tube in his stomach. Mathew is getting shots of morphine in his arm to manage the pain. We wet his whistle with small sponges soaked in water.

Until the cap goes on the feeding tube, the line is emptying the contents of his stomach into a bag. It certainly isn’t for the gag-prone individual. Tonight will be a quiet affair while he rests.

Thanks Santa for my early Xmas gift this year! That CT scan was the only thing I wanted this year…. And tonight I’m going to sleep soundly.