Hi, just a quick update. Icy rain is falling and the branches are slowly sagging under the weight of the ice building up. There is a good possibility the power will go out with this kind of weather. It happens a lot here in the Maritimes.

I haven’t posted for a bit I see.

Mathew went in for a blood transfusion on Friday. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday and his hemoglobin at that time was 91 so we expected he would need blood. During the transfusion however Mathew grew agitated when he started to bleed again while peeing. A test of his urine showed no blood in the actual urine so it is coming from somewhere else. That went on for over 12 hours and he was not a happy camper about any of it.

Mathew was also still weak so he needed help to and from the bathroom. He is now complaining of a lot of pain in his derriere and no one really knows what the problem is. Our job every day is to make sure he gets 7 bottles of Ensure in and it is a lot harder than it appears. In fact, there’s been only one day we managed it.

I have so far cracked both tubing extensions to his feeding tube so last night I ended up hooking the syringe directly to the tube going into his stomach. This caused the tubing to move and made the whole think hurt like hell. He has two stitches coming out of his stomach just below the tubing and they haven’t dissolved yet so things are still healing.

Mathew has mouth sores so he needs to swish the flat club soda (and spit it out) then swish the Nystatin and swallow that. It needs to sit in his mouth and throat to work so he can’t drink for a while after taking it. He needs nausea medication before taking liquids right now and juggling everything is quite a challenge. There isn’t time for much else when you bolus feed a person!

I haven’t been out shopping at all. I did a little when I drove to Fredericton to get Kristen from university but that is it. With this terrible rain/ice/snow this weekend that stopped any travelling until Monday night or Tuesday. John fortunately did some one evening I was “feeding” Mathew and helped out a lot.

Mathew is complaining of his stomach hurting today to the left of the feeding tube. This is one area the nurses said to watch out for as it may indicate an infection in his stomach. That would figure nicely with all the other little things wouldn’t it? I hope it is just from me tugging on it too much yesterday.

I hope to photograph the procedure soon because photos speak volumes. This is just a little Sunday hello but I have to get back in there and tend to Mathew again. John sounds like he might have a cold and Mathew’s white cell counts drop drastically right around now.