Is Christmas over? What – ?!

We never lost power during the ice storm (thank you, thank you, thank YOU) but we lost our landline (phone), cable and internet. It went down on Monday and only returned last night. I was so grateful to have power when so many here were in the dark and many still are. It felt garish to have our Christmas lights colourfully lighting up the street when many homes were dark.

Unfortunately there are 2 more weather systems looking like they might be moving through over the next 4 days (really? Is winter over yet?) and that could spell disaster as our trees, power lines, etc are coated with ice. Trees branches are hunched over and many are leaning on power lines. A bit of wind is all that it would take took snap the branch and the power lines putting many back in the dark or us in the dark.

The weather over the weekend and up until Christmas was horrible. Rain, freezing rain made for treacherous driving. I noticed however that it didn’t keep shoppers away. Many stores closed early or unexpectedly due to power outage or bad weather. Oh you think amusedly, how would I know this?

I know because I was out there but not for the reasons you think.

Last Friday Mathew needed a blood transfusion. Saturday the weather was frightful, Sunday John cooked a turkey and had family pop in to eat. Those brave souls not only came over but made dinner a potluck to ease the burden on John. Mathew wasn’t feeling well at all and was in so much pain that I stayed in his room with him and missed the little party.

On Monday, 23 December, the doctor asked Mathew to come in to the hospital to get his blood levels checked. We had the misfortune to run into a few Scrooges who severely tried my patience by their indifferent attitude. Mathew ended up needing a platelet transfusion and a blood transfusion that day. His platelets were at 11 and his hemoglobin was 72.  John followed us to the hospital in case Mathew was admitted so there were 2 vehicles at the hospital. Kristen came with me to help getting Mathew around because he was feeling so faint and ill.

Mathew’s G-tube site was also infected and it appears as though he had a bladder infection too. The hospital took an urine sample and due to those two items put him on antibiotics as his white blood cells bottomed out. John stayed for the transfusions and since we were in town anyway, I went to the mall to finish shopping for Kristen (sorry Sally, our internet was down so I didn’t see your generous offer to shop for me until last night!!). Kristen came with me and once I finished we drove home and the boys arrived soon after.

Mathew had to go back to the hospital on Christmas Eve for the second unit of blood. The outpatient ward was closed so he had to go to the chemo room and take a chair. He wasn’t happy and by the time we left the few people behind us were probably very happy we left. Mathew was in a lot of pain still from his bottom and also the G-tube and probably just a general unwell feeling. It was a very trying time for John and I, caring for him while he was so unpleasant.

Later on Christmas Eve, Kristen and I went to Nana’s soiree to dine on yummy treats and visit family. After chatting and eating to my heart’s content we drove over to Kristen’s boyfriend’s place ~ his parents are friends of ours from John’s high school days. It was so pleasant to relax and destress for a little and catch up with people I haven’t seen in so long.

After that we returned home and I set about to wrapping Kristen’s gifts. Evidently I shopped too long because I didn’t finish until 2 am. It didn’t help that her and I bought some lovely sparkly gift wrap. Did you know that sparkly gift wrap doesn’t stick to scotch tape? EVER? No matter what you do? One of Kristen’s stocking gifts was a roll of pink sparkly duct tape (trust me, she loves the stuff) and I sure wanted to bust that out and kill that sparkly wrap. I ended up using miles of ribbon to tie all the gifts up and vowed to put the eyes out of whichever idiot marketed that kind of wrapping paper.

At the end everything did get wrapped; she got her stocking and everyone went to bed.

I know yesterday was Christmas and Kristen opened her gifts. I know last evening Mathew had Kristen open his gifts and show him what he got. And Nana? He loves the action figures – he didn’t have the wrestlers and he is absolutely tickled pink with the Austin Powers figure. Harry & Christine he adores the reindeer and its edible poop (just what I needed, another version of crap. Thanks!). He loves the Domo glasses and Domo Santa…he got a kick out of everything. He wasn’t feeling well enough to hold anything for long but he is looking forward to the day he can. Auntie Susan, he already spent the iTunes card so thank you; Kristen doesn’t have anything that uses iTunes so we gave her an exchange for money and I am quite happy to use the card (thanks!).

Mathew and I were up until 6 am today doing those bolus feeds. Merry Christmas Mathew, weren’t those chocolate Ensures AWESOME? I told him when he is recovered he can have a post-xmas meal and stocking filled with little treats to his heart’s content.

I have pictures but that will be for later. Mathew is scheduled for chemo tomorrow but we don’t think he is well enough. He almost looks pale enough that he could use another blood transfusion. That last one he received was O- blood; universal donor. There was no “specially cleaned” A+ blood available. Thank you donors. You made my Christmas merrier.

With the cracking of those beautiful but deadly branches out there my fingers are crossed that those without power FINALLY get back on the grid and the rest of us keep our heat and lights. If you don’t see me for a few days you know why.

Is this freaking winter over yet????