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First – Happy New Year everyone! May 2014 be ever so much better than the crappy year we just left behind!

I am heading out to the hospital in a few minutes but wanted to update you on Mathew’s situation first.

My last post told you Mathew was admitted again because of an infection at his G-Tube site. Yesterday the Oncologist asked the infectious disease department for input and offer their recommendation for treatment. They changed the intravenous antibiotic (don’t ask me what it is at the moment) and took him off the prescription and the other iv antibiotic. There is a huge improvement since Monday and although we were severely disappointed to be in the hospital over New Year’s we are relieved to have caught this before it became serious.

I am impressed with Mathew’s oncologist, Dr. Burnell. She is quick to call in other experts if she is concerned about issues outside of her expertise. Her willingness to receive advice from her peers in other specialties to ensure the best care for Mathew validates my confidence in her medical advice and strategy. She is an odd character but I suspect she is one of those brilliant but “flavorful personality” type of doctor. She is loud when addressing Mathew and he is abrupt in replying to her ~ that doesn’t ruffle her feathers and she stands her ground against him. It is funny to watch him interact with her. We find her answers vague sometimes but at the end of the day we do get information from her or the team and Mathew’s tumour is shrinking from the treatment she implemented. We are lucky to have her as his Oncologist.

Right now John and I are not bolus feeding Mathew at all. That was one of those vague instructions passed to the nurses that we didn’t hear about. I haven’t seen Dr. Burnell since hearing about it but I do believe it is to ensure the materials remain sterile around the site of the G-tube. This is likely the best way to ensure that nothing contaminates or otherwise introduces germs back into the area (although we won’t mention any of the germs that originate from the hospital itself).

Mathew is very much back to his joking, smart-mouth ways. It is good to see. He actually ate a very small piece of the Chinese food I brought in for New Year’s Eve. I ordered the 4 person meal from the SamPan restaurant on Saint John’s west side and they gave me a box to carry our order in! I was shocked at the amount of food we received for our money! The meal was very good and it will feed us for another day or two. We ordered a Lemon Chicken on the side and boy, their sauce was YUMMY and the chicken had a nice, crispy coating on it. If I hadn’t eaten so much yesterday I’d go stuff my face some more right now!!

Dr. Burnell is hoping the infectious disease doctor clears Mathew for his outpatient chemo on Friday. She returned from xmas vacation and nixed that 2-week chemo vacation/delay immediately and originally rescheduled it for tomorrow. That’s when I discussed Mathew’s g-tube infection with her and said he wouldn’t be receiving any chemo until that was gone (that was the initial phone call on Monday that eventually led to Mathew’s admittance to the hospital). I couldn’t imagine what horror might have befallen him if the chemo wiped out his immune system while he still struggled with that resistant bug.

I’m off to the hospital now and to that huge but uncomfortable chair. That rocker/recliner has a poufy headrest that puts my head at an angle that causes me nasty neck and headaches. I’m bringing pillows tonight to manipulate my body somehow to work around that. If not then I’m armed with Motrin and not afraid to use that either!

More later, when I have time to post pictures, etc. For now I am just so damned happy that it is 2014 and the infection is going away. Poor Mathew was in so much pain from it that Christmas was a nightmare for him.