Mathew is home and is in great spirits!

We are delighted at how well this last chemo went; it was the outpatient chemo which makes him feel so sick. I don’t know if it was the continuous iv fluids that helped, the nutrition he’s had via the feeding tube or both. Whatever it is I am so thankful to see him doing so well.

The doctor switched the iv antibiotics to a pill form today. As soon as she looked at the G-tube site and okayed him for going home I was packing and dragging the big, ol’ suitcase out and up to the truck. Today’s weather is nasty; rain, freezing rain and wind. With all the snow and ice we’ve had the roads are scary; slick and covered with water. I took the back road home because the highway was covered in water and ice yet drivers were still driving like maniacs. Evidently they forget that the vehicle is hydroplaning at speeds over 85 km/hr. I just didn’t want to be the vehicle to slow one of those crazy drivers down.

I am so happy to be home and so is Mathew. His counts will start dropping in the next few days and his demeanour will probably change but for now I sure like seeing him back to his old happier self.

I won’t be venturing far until the weather eases up a bit. The ice and water out there makes anything treacherous. What a winter so far… the milder temperature and rain have melted the ice off the trees and power lines but if the temperatures plunge tonight as they are supposed to there is going to be a new batch of problems out there.

Kristen went back to University yesterday and we miss her. How many weeks until spring break??

Right now I’m going to go hang out with Mathew and give him another hug. He can finally stand to be touched again and asked for a hug earlier. That’s a great day for me!