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Here we are, late Tuesday morning. Mathew is safely ensconced in Room 12 in 5A South and we are happy to be here instead of down in my personal hell. Thanks to all of you who voiced your support over the events in ER. The individuals involved were a couple of sour apples and we are back among the nurses we love. There is no way that one incident will colour our view of the rest of the hospital crew who take such good care of Mathew.

Mathew had 1 unit of platelets last night and another 2 units of blood in the wee hours. He is still on iv antibiotics and I’m delighted to report his diarrhea stopped last night. One of the staff found a cot for me to use and it was awesome after a night sitting in a chair.

I did nap at home with our kitty and two doggies yesterday while at home; we all snuggled down and drifted off to sleep. My slice of happiness.

So right now we are waiting…. Blood work is being done and I think the Oncologist wants to see the results and will decide after that.

More heavy rain is on its way for this afternoon. Saturday’s rain washed a great deal of snow away and caused widespread flooding. A few homes on our street flooded with sewage even with backwater valves in their homes. It gets to where you start to fear storms around here.

I hope my next post is from home – and all of us are there! I am reading your comments and will reply when I can. Thanks for your support people! This is a long, lonely road so it is nice to read your hellos.