Last night we finally heard that Mathew will be here until Friday – if all goes well. The standard protocol here, if you get neutropenia, is 5 days on iv antibiotics. Drat! A few more days here then.

Mathew’s chemo slated to start next Monday is now delayed until 27 January. He will be admitted that Sunday and do both the first week of radiation and the chemo as an in-patient. That will give us a week at home enjoying ourselves in good health I hope!

Mathew had another platelet transfusion last night and his hemoglobin is at 91 so he doesn’t need a blood transfusion. He stopped drinking however so I started the bolus feeds again last night.

I was writing the post for the radiation appointment when we landed in the hospital. The appointment went well and he now has 4 tiny, dot-sized tattoos on his abdomen. One on each side and the other two above his belly button. He cried during that because the big machine and yet another new and scary procedure became too much for him. John and I got a look at the CT scan of Mathew’s tumour from December. We were shocked to see an empty hole where part of his vertebrae used to be. When the cancer in his bone disappeared from the chemo it left behind what remained of that part of the bone. Which is nothing. Right now muscle is holding that side of the vertebrae’s stuff in. By that I mean the nerves and spinal column/cord. Not sure what I expected but not that!

Mathew lays on a narrow, hard bed specially built for radiation to go through it. Two bean-bag type cushions were molded; one for his legs and the other to hold his arms still above his head. He has to remain motionless during the radiation treatment which will be about 5 minutes each day. For the next 2 weeks the Radiation Oncologist will determine the strength and length of treatment based on all sorts of data from the markings appointment and from reports, etc. I am hoping the Doctor will tell us if the tumour has shrunk further from that scan in December. The further away from the spinal column the happier I am ~ it was pushing the column to the side but as far as she can tell it didn’t breach the lining of the cord itself.

I just popped home for a shower and a meal, so I’m heading off back to the hospital. The medical doctor on the oncology ward told me today that the hospital is so overflowing with patients that even the oncology ward is turning away patients. If Mathew was released today and needed to go back in the next couple of days she said it would likely be a week or so before they could admit him back in! The Oncologist is making sure Mathew is 100% fit before discharging him… thank you!