Now that we are rested I have some energy to get back to posting.

Mathew went straight to bed upon returning home on Friday. I vaguely remember propping my eyes open until John got home, eating something and then heading off to sleep. Where I slept pretty much straight through to Sunday morning.

Sunday found Mathew and I better rested and in good spirits. Nothing like some R&R in the comfort of your own home. Knowing he didn’t have to go back in on Sunday night made it that much sweeter.

Mathew perked up enough to listen to music, chat about his favourite subjects and even play a video game. It is great seeing the old Mathew back for even a little while in between the naps. There’s a smidgeon back of appetite too; yesterday he ate some cheese and today a chicken strip and a bit of rice. Mostly it is still the Ensure for nutrition though.

John and I are using this week to take care of paperwork, bills, etc, before the double whammy of chemo and radiation next week. No one is sure what side effects Mathew might experience from the radiation itself and how it will be in conjunction with the chemo. I am dreading it. Another week of bathroom-running every hour around the clock nonstop. Napping on the cot but getting so tired Mathew has to kick the cot or hiss my name for me to groggily reply. Another round of watching the devastating effects of treatment hit him so hard.

Today’s priority was to drop off our passport applications. The passport office is in Fredericton which worked out handy as Kristen needed to sign her application. What would have been NICE to know Passport Canada, is if you had mentioned anywhere on your website that if you are dropping off an application for someone NOT at your address, bring the person with you. Otherwise, the passport employee puts a hold on the passport and it isn’t processed until they call the applicant to confirm he/she is aware of the application being dropped off. That can be a problem when the applicant is a student who cannot have a cellphone in the classroom.

Fortunately Kristen had a two-hour break right then so I drove across town to get her and return to the Passport Office to show them she was with me. Only, that wasn’t enough. Now we had to take a number (albeit a “priority one” seeing that the paperwork legwork was already completed) and queue up again. Not the 45 minutes I spent waiting for the first time or I would’ve lost my mind; just 5 minutes or so. Her being in person wasn’t satisfactory however; she had to show identification to prove who she was. Except she only had her student I.D. on her. Wearily I pulled out her just-cancelled passport from my purse and showed it to the passport clerk, indicating Kristen’s photo, her SIGNATURE, and her. Kristen still had to verbally acknowledge she was aware I submitted her passport on her behalf.

Passport fees changed last July. Now you can pay either $120 or a 5 year passport or $160 for a 10 year passport. The math equates to the longer version so it cost $160 x 3 for today’s applications. Yes only three ~ one is missing, Mathew’s. He wasn’t up to getting his passport photos taken until I returned from Fredericton this afternoon…(*siiiiigh*)… John and Mathew were in town not far from the mall where I was so caught up with them to take Mathew to Costco for his passport photos before he tired out.

This evening, eager to get Mathew’s passport application in (it expires in 2 weeks or so) I filled in the online form…until…uh-oh. Seriously? CRAP! The Guarantor needs a valid passport and has to provide his passport number and expiry date on the form and guess where our passports are? In the passport office in Fredericton. We didn’t record the numbers as I keep photocopies of important documents (except I can’t find them).


This is one of those times it seems every needless, little irritant is happening just to test our limited strength and resolve. There have been an over-abundance of those moments lately right when we could really use a freakin’ break. For instance:

Did those gold hoop earrings we gave Kristen for xmas this year really have to be so badly made that they continually fell out of her ears and then mine (I “test-drove” them) so that I had to bargain and visit the jewellery store repeatedly to get them returned and exchanged for something far more durable?

Did the zipper on Kristen’s brand-new winter jacket REALLY have to start breaking already?

Does the snow have to keep melting to reveal yet another unappealing layer of poop every week or so? We pick up after the animals constantly… what the hell? Are they sneaking out there after we’re asleep for a secret pooh-party?

Did there have to be such a problem flushing Mathew’s port today that another nurse from Extramural had to come out later and poke another big needle in his chest port to draw the necessary blood for the biweekly tests?

Did the music store right beside the jeweller’s really call me right AFTER I got home from today’s travels (all 9 hours of it between cities) to tell me my order is now in? I was just at the jewellery store this afternoon finally exchanging those xmas earrings…!

Is there some kind of nasty little gremlin out there whose purpose is to throw monkey wrenches into as many things as possible?

With that sleepy thought, I’m off to dreamland.

Goodnight all.