A very special lady celebrated her birthday with some of her favourite girls on Saturday. My mother-in-law went out for lunch with all her girls but one; unfortunately granddaughter Meaghan had to work and we missed her company. Jean’s two daughters, three daughters-in-law and five out of six granddaughters made up the birthday party (Just so you know, Jean has 6 children; 5 of them are married with 14 grandchildren between them).
Birthday Nana
This beautiful woman is the greatest mother-in-law you could hope for. She is the warmest and easiest person to talk to. Her home is always welcoming and she makes everyone feel at home. She dotes on all her children and grandchildren and she is adored in return.

This year we had the splendid idea to go to the Queen’s Buffet. The food bars include salads, oriental, Canadian, small desserts, ice-cream…all for the price of $11. Something for everyone and for the birthday girl, it’s free (with proof of birthday). The youngest ladies had fun picking out their choices and us older women splurged as well.

I didn’t think to take any photos until dinner was eaten so didn’t get any evidence of plates piled high. Ha ha ha ~ how convenient was that? Yeah, we all ate tiny amounts of salad, soup and a bit of fruit. That’s the extent of my white lie!

In this photo Sarah (in the green sweater) is playing with her jello by sticking a straw through it. Kristen is explaining something to her aunties sitting across from her and Jean (Nana) saw me taking the picture.

Slowly Eating
Wendy is Nana’s third oldest child and the oldest daughter. She is smiling at her daughter, Ella, who is holding the blue jello. Sarah and Ella had a blast playing with their blocks of jello! It brought back memories of when I was young and played with my jello as a child too. It is good to know some thing don’t change. You know… I’m not sure if the girls actually ate the jello or not!
Some Smiles
It was a shame Meaghan was unable to attend and we missed having her there. It isn’t often everyone’s schedule lines up to be together at once. Kristen came down from Fredericton overnight and dragged my sorry butt out of bed to attend the luncheon. I am exhausted following a week of Mathew being in the hospital and thought I would sleep the day away. My charming daughter had other plans and although I was tired, I enjoyed being out to celebrate my mother-in-law’s special day.(I did not want my sleep-deprived, pasty-face picture taken though and thank the family for obliging…unless some secret ones were taken?)

Here are Wendy and Denise enjoying themselves. I didn’t get many pictures of them as they were at the far end of my side of the table. Denise is married to Nana’s oldest child, Alistair. They live in Fredericton which is great for Kristen. She has family close by which makes us sleep easier at night. Kristen has Sunday supper with Denise and Alistair and I love their interest in their niece.

Wendy and Denise
Here the other end of the table is relaxing and chatting. Nana is listening to something Kristen is saying while Sarah is…is.. dreaming? Listening to our end of the table? More likely she is considering the taste and texture of the jello square she just popped into her mouth. Sorry Sarah! I don’t usually put “those” photos up but you just look like you are far away and only we know where that jello is.Just Chatting
Kristen indulged in a little “extra” mood relaxer. This drink looked so good and tasted even better she later told me. It gave her a blue tongue but her teeth didn’t turn blue.  I wanted one but was tired enough and was driving so didn’t drink. Next time though, I want the pretty blue drink with the umbrella!Kristen and drink
This was my selection of desserts. I wanted just a taste of each. That yellow…square was nice. The tiny pie tasted like a coconut cream pie although it was the crust and cream only. The brownie was dry and the pastry closest to me had nothing in it (what a ripoff!). The best dessert I had there, honestly? The watermelon. It was juicy and tasted like summer; light and refreshing. Now why didn’t I just have that?? Kristen liked the chocolate pudding and the various pies and cakes were taste tested by others. My dessert
The youngest granddaughter had so much fun playing with her jello that you couldn’t help but enjoy watching her. The girls goofed around and took plenty of so-called “selfies”; it is sad that as we grow older we are so concerned about our chins and bad angles and think we are not photogenic at all. Our girls love us just the way we are and love any photo of us, yet we are so critical of ourselves. I hope these girls never become too self-conscious for fun photos.
Ella and Jello
I was trying to catch the girls having fun without them posing but they saw the camera. Here Sophie, Ella and Sarah are highly amused looking over the selfies they took with their cellphones…or… were they secretly taking pictures of their beloved mothers and finding those photos hilarious???Giggly Girls
Jessica modeled her ice-cream for me because our side of the table wondered what flavour she had. When she first thought it was cappuccino it didn’t look appetizing at all. It turned out to be caramel and was excellent! Jessica is gorgeous enough to model that stuff in a magazine ~ I would eat it too if it made me look like her!
Jessica and icecream
This was just a moment in between when some people looked serious for a minute. Really though the yummy food and sated appetites were making everyone drowsy and wishing for an afternoon nap. Sophie noticed the camera though, observant girl that she is.A serious moment
At this buffet if you provide proof of your birthday and you are part of a party of at least five people you eat for free. The downside of proving your birthday is the crown and the staff coming out to sing happy birthday to you, whether or not you want it! Nana looks good in her crown but she deserves a much fancier crown as matriarch of her large family. We all sang the birthday song while she good-naturedly put up with the fuss. I never did see if she ate this little cake; it was brought out after we had eaten our fill from the buffet.
Cake and Crown
Nana and Christine. Christine is married to Harry, who is the fourth child of six. Christine speaks fluent German, French and English and she can sell anything ~ ANYTHING on Kijiji. She also finds the best deals and tranforms blah everyday items into new “recycled” items that look sharp in her black, red and white home.
Christine and Nana
Christine and Linda. Linda is Nana’s fifth child and her other daughter. Linda was the last one born in Northern Ireland but they emigrated to Canada while she was quite young. I’m not sure how much she remembers of growing up in Northern Ireland. She has a flair for decorating on a budget and her home is magazine-worthy. Mathew adores her and knows when she is in town she brings him odd little treats and fun things.Christine and LindaMathew loves all of his aunts and they treat him like gold; they always have. He has a different and special relationship with each one and feels comfortable visiting them in our home or visiting theirs. He so enjoys their company and conversation and I am so glad he has the opportunity to spend time with his relatives. I always loved visiting my parents’ families and wanted my kids to have that same chance.

Here is Christine with her daughter, Jessica. They are such a cute pair!Christine and Jessica
I thought it would be fun to make our waiter match each daughter with her mother so he could tally the bills properly. I think each daughter/mother duo bear resemblance to each other but maybe we’ll pull that party trick another time.

It was a pleasure to celebrate Nana’s birthday and we all look forward to partying for many more years!

We love you Nana!