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This is Kristen’s challenge to all of YOU:

ATTENTION FRIENDS: I need your help to shave my head for Ewing’s Sarcoma.

On Tuesday, March 4 I will be cutting off my hair to raise money for the Ewing Cancer Foundation of Canada and to raise awareness of Ewing Sarcoma, and I need your help to raise funds. Here is my hair now:

Kristen and drink

For every 10$ donation I receive, or for every blood donation (provided there is photo evidence), I will cut off a centimeter of my hair up until 25 centimeters are cut. Additionally, my parents will match every blood donation with 10$ to add to the monetary donations- though this money won’t count for another centimeter cut. After 250$ are raised, I will cut my hair to length in the picture below. If I raise 499$ or more, I will shave my head completely.

hair gone (2)
Ewing Sarcoma is rare and aggressive bone cancer that occurs mostly in childhood and adolescence. The older you are when you get it, the harder it is to fight. My brother Mathew was diagnosed this summer, at the age of twenty. The primary symptom that leads to diagnosis is pain in the body that feels like muscle pain. The earlier it is detected, the better- you don’t want to have this cancer if it spreads. Since it is rare, very few people know about it. My family doctor had never seen a case of it before my brother was diagnosed. I want to raise awareness of this illness, in the hopes that maybe it will help at least one family get their loved one checked out and diagnosed sooner. My brother was experiencing increasing pain for almost six months before he was diagnosed. I don’t want anyone else to experience anything like that, ever.

The Ewing Cancer Foundation of Canada is a foundation that has goals that pertain exclusively to research. They want to raise funds for research grants, fund genetic research, expand the field of medical doctors researching Ewing Sarcoma, to assist researchers by acting as a liaison between patients, researchers and oncologists, and “to eliminate pain, suffering and death due to Ewings Sarcoma by finding more effective treatment options which will ultimately lead to the cure.” All of these goals were taken directly from their website. I will donate to this cause in the hopes that any future families whose children are diagnosed have more hope and a greater chance of survival, and that no one else will have to endure the hardships my brother is as he is struggling through chemotherapy and radiation.

Please consider donating and helping me with this. The only birthday present I want is for my brother to be healthy again, but I can’t have that this year. Please donate so that treatment can improve and he may be healthy for my next birthday. My birthday is on February 26, and my brother’s birthday in on March 10. His birthday marks the sixth month since he lost his hair and started his treatment, and we’re only roughly halfway through. Please help me in my goals so that I can donate to a charitable cause and rock the bald look as well at the half year milestone. Consider a donation as a birthday present to me, and as support for the birthdays of all the children and youth struck by this illness.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate any and all support. Please comment, message me, or come see me if you’re interested in donating or would like to hear more about Ewing’s Sarcoma. Thank you for your time.

Operation: Shave My Hair For Ewing’s Sarcoma is a go!


For those wishing to donate using Paypal, please use my (Patricia/Mom) email address at: patriciabullock@rogers.com

Thank you for supporting our daughter’s endeavour