Mathew is feeling so much better and was Mr. Smarty-pants with his Oncologist last evening. She raised her eyebrows, laughed and said it was obvious he is well enough to go home! So after radiation today he is coming home!!

Not a moment to soon ~ there is yet another freakin’ storm heading our way expected to hit tonight and tomorrow. John is at the hospital with Mathew and I’m catching up on some rest. I asked him if tomorrow’s radiation appointment could be postponed and added to the end; it’s just not worth risking a vehicle accident with Mathew in the car. There is a winter storm warning in effect along with a rain warning. With a mess like that and temperatures going all over the place there is sure to be messy roads and icy conditions. This is a hilly place and far too many accidents when the weather is bad. Even if they request him tomorrow if the weather is truly hideous then I will not take him (so please, let’s agree guys!)

I asked the Oncologist when we might expect results from the radiation; if it is effective or not. The surprising answer was that it can take up to 3 FULL months AFTER radiation finishes to know the extent, if any, of its effectiveness! Holy cow; the things I still have no clue about…

Dr. Burnell delayed the start of the next chemo treatment. Originally Mathew was scheduled to go back into the hospital on Sunday but she’s moved it back a week to Sunday 23 February. Mathew’s white blood counts are slowly coming up but they aren’t in the normal range yet so I expect that is why; his body needs more time to recover. His g-tube site is looking much better now but there is still a bubble/blister around the entrance to the hole. It’s almost as though it fills up then breaks and green-at-first-but-now-yellow pus oozes out. Weird. Haven’t seen that before. I wish we could take the tube out since Mathew isn’t using it much at all but it would be awful to take it out only to find out he needs it again.

Mathew is definitely on the mend ~ he started to eat this morning!

When Mathew heard about Kristen’s hair shaving challenge he asked me how much money was in his bank and then wanted to donate it all to her ($200 he has). I told him that this time he can’t because she is doing it in support of HIM. There has been a good response already and I know together we can get that girl’s hair off her head! She is looking into whether or not she can donate her hair for a wig, she had highlights done a year ago so we’re not sure.

Whatever the result of the hair donation it sure feels good to give money to Ewing’s Sarcoma research. Every last penny donated makes a difference and it is only by the clinical trials and other research that new treatments can be created to help our young people beat this rotten, lousy cancer. I don’t want one more child of anyone’s to be diagnosed with this… we never, EVER in a million years thought this could happen to us or our son. We are joe-average, the people next door, living life just like you do. Sadly if it happened to us…well, you know.

I don’t want this to happen to your child.

Support Kristen ~ remember a blood product donation by YOU means John and I will donate $10 on your behalf. Blood and platelet transfusions are critical to so many Ewing’s Sarcoma patients undergoing treatment; the first person who comes to mind is Mathew. He has needed so many transfusions to overcome the effects of chemo.

Thank you!