Mathew returned to the hospital for his next inpatient chemo last night. He handled it very well except for a short spell just before we left the house. He had a lovely week at home and the brightest time was going to the movie theatre to see “The Lego Movie” with a couple of his cousins.

We sat in the very, VERY front row to watch the movie as the theatre was packed. It is so easy to get vertigo from that position, almost face-planted into the screen! It was an enjoyable movie with sly references to other popular movies in our culture. My favourite character was the good cop/bad cop Lego dude voiced by Liam Neeson. He must have had fun with the character because it came through with scenes including the cop.

Mathew ate some popcorn during the movie and raved about the experience all the way home. Once at home exhaustion overcame him and he went to bed and didn’t rise n’ shine for 13 hours! It was months ago the last time he went to the theatre so this was a huge treat for him.

Mathew is now finished his first day of chemo plus his radiation treatment. It seems hard to believe there are only 8 radiation treatments left! I remember before it started… dreading the daily trip to the hospital for 5-1/2 weeks. After this week there will only be one week left! Yahoo!

If Mathew goes 3 weeks per chemo cycle then he’s looking at another 10 weeks or so before chemo ends as well. I think he has only 1 inpatient treatment left after this cycle (… is that possible? How wonderful is that!). It is wearing us down all these inpatient stays at the hospital. It will be so much harder once spring arrives only to find us gazing out the window, longing to be out enjoying warmer weather.

After radiation today Mathew and I swung by the 4th floor where John’s father is still located. He’s been there 10 days now and we’re all hoping he gets home soon to rest and recover. In the meantime Mathew enjoys popping in to say hi on a daily basis. Poppa is happy to see him too but getting together at home is so much better! The door to Poppa’s floor is always shut and there is no wheelchair access to get through easily. It seems ironic that a hospital doesn’t have access for the mobility-impaired doesn’t it? It is annoying juggling the wheelchair and the iv pole while trying to open the door and keep it open long enough to jam the wheelchair in the opening – it is one of those doors that shut behind you.

I’m tired today and hope we aren’t up too many times for the bathroom tonight. Mathew went more times than expected last night and there isn’t a lot of rest during the noisy days. There are student nurses on the ward for now so there is a herd of people passing through on a regular basis. The students are nervous as they go about their duties and apply what they learned in class, to real life. They took turns clearing Mathew’s iv pumps today and calculating his fluid ins and outs. I could almost do it for them now!

What bothers me the most is the alarm on the iv pumps. They are loud and pierce my ears. In the early days of his treatment we just let them beep until a nurse hunted the sound down and carried out whatever had to be done. Now though both Mathew and I push the nurses’ button/station to alert them that we can’t take it anymore! Once this is over I am going to smash anything in my house that makes that wretched noise. It obviously does its purpose well (ie, not letting us ignore it) but of all the things that I thought would bother me, that wasn’t one of them!

Thank you to all who have donated to Kristen’s fundraiser to date. She is excited with the response she’s received and there is still 8 more days to her big reveal. The gap between short hair and shaved head is narrowing quickly so it is going to be a race to the end. Does Kristen realize that her long hair is gone in just 8 days?? As in NEXT Tuesday?

Time to shower and get the dogs out before heading back to the hospital.