Mathew’s week is going tremendously well.

Today he finished radiation #23 and only 5 left to go. Today one of the radiation therapists battled Pokeman against Mathew after his treatment. He promised he would a few weeks ago and today he delivered. Mathew was so excited and happy that it made me cry. What makes Mathew happy makes me happy. He got some super duper special Pokeman out of the battle and he gave his opponent one in return. He raved about the game all the way back to the 5th floor.

Mathew is busy visiting folks and being visited in return. There are other patients on the floor whom we have befriended and he loves chatting with them. He enjoyed visiting his Poppa one floor down although we were delighted to hear his grandfather is now home and enjoying recovery there.

Mathew’s beloved Playstation 3 and tv console is hooked up at the hospital, courtesy of his Dad. He loves playing it and keeping his Dad and I captive while he plays his favourite games.

He is getting more fatigued as the week wears on but is enjoying his stay, if one possibly could. He is well enough to get around and visit. When he is well he loves seeing people and talking about his favourite subjects. This week, while he is in Radiation, we get such a kick out of him singing and dancing his toes and fingers while he has to lie still on the table. We can hear him singing over the intercom and see his fingers and toes wiggle on the tv monitors.

It is probably the best inpatient week so far. It is going far better than I imagined; his appetite and eating helped maintain his health I think.

Yesterday John stayed with Mathew while I scooted up to Fredericton and spent the afternoon and evening with Kristen, on her 20th birthday. I loved spending time with her especially on her birthday. I have pictures for a later post, probably this weekend when I have time to catch up.

Kristen’s fundraiser is going well and the response continues to overwhelm us. Next Tuesday is the big day!