Cycle 9 is done and we are back home enjoying ourselves.

Mathew’s week went so well and his fatigue didn’t really start until Friday, when he slept all day.

Here are John and Mathew enjoying some show of Mathew’s on our laptop. I love this photo of Mathew peeking around John to see what I was up to!

Once assured that Mathew’s energy level was up to playing on his PS3 John brought it and the tv to the hospital and hooked it up for him. Imagine having all of that technological gadgetry at his disposal! Not only did he love playing his games he also watched a few selected DVDs on his tv (through the Playstation 3). While it looks like the classic Christmas movie, “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” I can assure you it is not. Note Mathew is laughing. It is actually from his “Robot Chicken” collection of Claymation shorts that make fun of everything popular on tv.
See? I told you Mathew’s week was great! He laughed so hard at some of these Claymation shorts that the nurses came to see what was so funny.
I didn’t dare let them see the actual show as it uses bad language, offensive references…basically anything that could offend someone. Mathew just froze the DVD whenever anyone came in to the room.

Only 4 more chemo and radiation treatments left!